School pictures my way

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I love the school pictures that the kids bring home every year from school. Those backdrops and poses are kind of a right of passage, aren't they? I had some doozies - complete with the Dorothy Hamill hair cut and wide collared jacket! It was the 70's, that's my only defense.

What I don't love about school pics is the price however. It's a little high, especially when you have multiple kids' pictures to order. So I buy the bare minimum from school to save for posterity and take more myself.

These were for the fall. Spring portraits will be soon!

Chicks need a cute house

Sunday, April 2, 2017

I think it's time to bring back this craft I did 6 years ago!

These are egg dioramas that I made with a balloon and paper maché, kind of how you would make a pinata, only much smaller. After the balloon dried, I just cut a hole in the egg and outfitted their house with moss, and some little doll house items and embellished with crepe paper. The chandelier in the last picture is one of my earrings that I was keeping in hopes of finding the match but I never did, so it was re-purposed this way.

The kids loved them and they hung them off the light over the dining room table at Easter. While layering the paper strips, I added a wire so that they could easily be hung. I may even make some for the shop this time!

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Natural materials

Thursday, March 30, 2017

So my business partner and I are adding handmade and reworked jewelry to our shop. Here's a little snippet of what we're working on. Starr is modeling the wood burned discs and hemp bracelets. We're obsessed with them as we are Starr's lip color!

A couple of things I have vowed to do this year

Monday, February 6, 2017

1. I need to blog more. Not that people are on pins and needles waiting. It's just for me. I like to write (type) out my thoughts and look back on what we were doing here.

2. Cook more. We both have work schedules outside of the home which really make it difficult to have a normal dinner hour so we tend to eat out more than we would like. The other night I made Sweet pork barbacoa, Cilantro lime rice, pinto beans and cherry pie. We had all the fixins for burritos or taco bowls too. Blair said it was nice to finally be eating at home. ?? I was happily surprised by that. Jon got me an Instant Pot for Christmas. I kept saying that I needed a new slow cooker and had never heard of these pots. I use the pressure cooker option all the time. It's so fast, I love it.

3. Train regularly for my 5 Ks. I tend to think about prepping for a race about a week before I need to run and that's not good. I always feel so heavy during the race when I do that and I never break my time from before. I also want to do it because I'm not getting any younger and it's getting harder to stay/get in shape. :) Thanks forties.

4. Take more pictures. I tend to leave my camera on my desk and opt for my cell phone. I miss setting up a shot and just having a better quality photo. As for the photography biz, that's getting overhauled. More on that later!

5. Read more. I say this every year but then I cue up Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Showtime, see the problem here?? and then I get hooked on a show, like I currently am with Man in the High Castle or A Series of Unfortunate Events. And I'm also waiting for some of my series to start again so the books are put down and are rarely picked up again. Must stop that. One book on my list is Fire Shut up in My Bones by Charles Blow. He is a very insightful journalist and I am really interested in reading his memoir. 

I mentioned to a co-worker that I went to see The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and then yesterday she brought his book to work for me to read. Wasn't that so nice? So that's another must-read.

6. Take the business to a new level. My business partner are re-tooling our shop and want to expand a bit. We're taking to the road to hunt for more interesting pieces and decor in the Spring. We're also looking to do affordable interior decorating consultations.

And that's about all the changes I can handle at the moment. We'll see how I do in the next few months.

Have a great day!


In the blink of an eye they grow

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When Charley was born the nurse said, "Look at all that dark hair" but after she cleaned her up and brought her to me, the nurse said, "She's not dark haired, she's a blonde!" and handed her to me.

I cradled her in my arms, thinking about how good it felt to be resting with her and reviewing the past few hours of our journey together and how quickly she came into the world. I studied her face, taking note of the little bruise on her nose, and how she had the same stork bite I did. Her big eyes were dark and alert and then I noticed the coloring of her face. I thought that it looked more like my skin tone and then thought, "Wait a minute" and pulled back her cap. I knew it. Smiling, I whispered to her, "You're a red head."

Happy 20th!

A New Year

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!

It was a whirlwind of a year and ended up being a short, jam packed holiday season. I wish it would've been for more fun things but really it's because our outside jobs were keeping us a little busier than usual.

I was able to squeeze in making the famous Hernandez family tamales though. It just wouldn't be Christmas without them in this casa.

I hope the season was good to you and the New Year brings much happiness! I've got some fun things lined up for the shop this year, including a buying trip with my business partner. We're looking forward to that. We'll sniff out flea markets and thrift shops from here to Memphis!

Be back soon!


Friday Finds - What I just can't pass up

Thursday, July 14, 2016

What's new in the world of thrift shopping?
Well here are just a few finds from last week. 

  This ceramic faux bois platter, I looove. It's originally from Crate & Barrel 
but I found it at the Goodwill for less than 3 bucks.  A Faux bois design that's ON a platter? It's pretty much my dream find. Of course I'll say that about the next thing but for today it is. 

Again with the candlesticks.
 I can't help it. Aged brass is my favorite 
and they come in so handy for all kinds of tablescapes and decorating.
Primarily they just sit in a smaller group
on the credenza though. (They number around 20 I think overall?)
I should pare them down but in due time. I can't be rushed into that process.
The large one on the left, I bought in Hot Springs, Ark last year for about $5.00.
But the other two are the most recent at $2.47 and $1.00

I like it when the candle melts and drips all over. It can always clean up. Nothing is that precious around here.

 I don't really need another vintage blue jar but the color is so great and I can't pass them up when I find them so inexpensively. If for nothing else I can use them as vases. A keystone jar has eluded me but I found one and since I live in the Keystone state...well it's kind of a keeper. The other one I found is an Atlas jar with a presto lid (on the far right) I love it when they keep their lids on ;)

I always wonder about their ages. If you do too, here's a handy tool found I on Minnestrista 
that gives the date and distinguishing features of the jars.

A handy guide, isn't it?

We'll see what I stumble upon this weekend. Happy hunting!

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