Bittersweet Birthday

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blair Noel is 3 today.

Born October 26, 2005 at 12:30 pm

It makes me a little sad.

I wish I could slow the hands of time.

All I keep thinking about is that soon she'll be grown and I'll be telling her all the funny things she did at 3.

Like, sing Jonas Brothers songs all day, very loudly.

Or, sing Jonas Brothers songs outside while running freely all over the yard.

Or, when she sees "Rock" Obama or John McCain on the t.v. she squeals their names and then says, "I don't like Rock Obama or John McCain, I like Kevin." (as in Kevin Jonas)

Or, how she likes to go down the soap aisle at the supermarket and pick up a plunger to use as her microphone for singing Jonas Brothers songs.

Or, how compassionate she is and how she likes to help me around the house. (I will certainly remind her of that later.)

Or how she says "I smell cowboy" when she gets a whiff of the many cow pastures around here, or how she emphasizes the last syllable in her words, like - "we're goin to grandMAWWS."

Or how she can't go somewhere without wearing "my lips."

Or, how she plays with all of her dollies and talks to herself in any reflective surface.

However bittersweet, I'm still thrilled that I am her mom.

She makes our life a little more fun.

I love you Blair bear.

I hope you'll always want to go places with mama.

Welcome Fall

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I love fall

I enjoy all seasons but I love autumn when there is a slight chill in the air
and fall
displays are on every front porch and doorstep. I like digging out the decorations from the garage and warming up the house with fall touches here and there. We like decorating with natural elements too so the kids and I scout the backyard and neighborhood for tree branches and acorns. When the leaves are scattered about, we collect some nice ones and iron them with waxed paper. Just yesterday Reese brought me home a big, bright red Maple that he found on the playground. Waxing them makes them look better and they last throughout the season - and then some. I think I still have some from last year.

There is an abundance of harvest fairs, farmer's and flea markets here in the Northeast. Lucky me! I live for that stuff. I go to the farmer's market nearly every week and buy fresh produce, flowers, and any vintage item that I think I can't live without. It's a good way to support the local farmer and artisan. Anyway, the kids enjoy it because it feels like a treasure hunt. They could just go to the dollar store and buy plastic junk (which they do) or they can go to the flea market where even better junk awaits! Charley and I went on Saturday and we bought a few things. My favorite was this beautiful pumpkin. It is cool. It's also really heavy. I had to remember to bend with my knees it's that heavy!

The fall season is also a time for football.
It's the time of year when Jon begins his sentences by saying,
"Did I ever tell you about the time I scored 3 touchdowns in one game?" It sounds like a fish story but, no, he really did score 3. Luckily, my mother-in-law saved the news article from our town's local paper. Of course it's included in the family scrapbook! Last week, Jon took the little kids, Reese and Blair Noel, to the game and they loved being out at night with dad. The older kids, Belen and Charley, enjoyed getting bundled up, meeting their friends at the high school game, which they don't always watch, but they liked being there with their pals. I enjoy seeing them young and happy.
Even though the fall season means the year is coming closer to an end, it renews my spirit and allows me to set a few goals. By the time the new year has arrived I feel that I am accomplishing some goals and that sense of accomplishment carries me right through Spring.
I don't set lofty goals, mind you, just small, simple ones that I can achieve.
The fall season is good.