Picture This!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Click on each to enlarge.
Recently I did a photo shoot for Belen and
4 of her best friends.

We took about a hundred shots and they seemed to enjoy
documenting their friendship through pictures.

I enjoyed seeing them be themselves, laugh and be
genuinely happy for the other.
After all, that is what friendship is all about.

And when you find a good one
it can make you jump for joy.

Poor November...

Friday, November 7, 2008

pushed aside for it's prettier, more popular sister, December.

The day before Halloween I was at the store browsing the aisles.

Of course I was there for last minute things...

As I was aimlessly looking at each aisle of things that I didn't
really need, I began to hum, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmaaas, daaa, da daa, da daaa.." and I realized that I was doing it.
I was getting Halloween over with so I could get ready for Christmas.
I wasn't even thinking about Thanksgiving. I felt bad for November.
So this year I am committed to enjoying this last full month of fall, cranking out the pumpkin pie (the family favorite) and trying out some new warm, soothing, fall comfort foods.

And I am not even looking at the Christmas decorations until I have finished raking all the leaves and help to lift November's spirits,

Or mine..

This year we are taking a Thanksgiving trip to Texas to visit Jon's family which we are all excited and thankful for. And I also get to visit my relative's on my mom's side.
I have missed my mom everyday for 9 months now so seeing her family - my family, will be a soothing way to enter in to what was her favorite holiday, Christmas.

I have never visited Texas without her and I don't expect to this time either.

I heart voting

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election day is over, Hallelujah!

When we arrived at the polling place we were met by
handing out literature at the door
and then we were met by a republican handing out
literature on the other side of the door.

Whichever party you affiliate with, you must appreciate
that we can do this in our country and no one is
being imprisoned or stoned.

These two ladies seemed like nice, patriotic women.
Simple as that.

So, we stood in line for 2 seconds and took 2 minutes to vote.
No problems with machines, just good old fashioned filling
in of the little box with a ballpoint pen like you did on high school tests.
There was even a BIG sign that instructed you on how to fill in the box correctly.
The print on the ballot was too small though...

As I exited the polls, I was looking for my "I voted" sticker.
And I said to Jon, "Hey, don't we get our 'I voted' stickers anymore??"
I said this as we were passing the first lady that we saw upon entering
and she said, "Yeah, look at this lame sticker we get now."
In a sympathetic voice, I said "Oh, it looks like you went to Chuck-e-Cheese."
(Not that Chuck-e-Cheese is bad, but it was a bear sticker with balloons and it
didn't even say 'I voted.')
She started to laugh and then looked at her sticker and frowned at the realization, "It does!"
Oops, sorry!

Then we were walking away and I heard someone ask another
if they had gotten their king sized candy bar for voting.
What??? I didn't get the candy bar either??
No sticker, no candy bar...

All I got was the privilege of voting. Sheesh!

(The picture above is of Belen and her sweet friends.
They decided that in honor of election day, which is when this was taken,they would show their support for all candidates by giving a peace and love sign.
They are thinking about their future and are striving for
peace and love.
I think that's a ticket we can all agree on!)

Belen is in the purple pants by the way!

Halloween Memories

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Well, another Halloween has come and gone
and I didn't get all the things done that I wanted to...bummer.
Oh well, there is always Thanksgiving!

It was a nice night for trick-or-treating.
No wind, and just enough chill to warrant a sweater.
The kids did not require bulky coats over their costumes.
Belen went with her friends around the neighborhood. I'm not exactly sure what they were. I think just a bunch of girls hoping not to outgrow trick-or-treating.

I remember my sister taking me trick-or-treating when she was 13 and I was 8. She told me to say "trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat." So I did. The old people laughed and thought I was so cute and gave us lots of candy. Older siblings can manipulate you that way.

Another memorable Halloween was a time when all four of us kids were trick-or-treating, we came up to a house and rang the doorbell. A guy answered and he was shirtless, and had a beer in his hand. Upon realizing it was Halloween, he scratched his head and said, "oh man, I forgot!" He looked around to give us something and said, "I've got beer. Ya want beer??"
We all looked at our older brother, Blair, and he so politely said, "no thank you, that's okay." But the guy insisted on giving us something.
So we left with a buck each, some key chains and I think I got an ashtray.
It was the thought that counts I guess...

Anyway, this year Charley was the "punk rock" bride of Frankenstein. She's now in love with big hair and would've fit in well in the 80's. She's determined to wake up early and curl it every morning before school. Reese was Dracula, but he didn't wear the teeth because they tasted like plastic and "not a good flavor like blueberry." Blair Noel was a fairy princess, of course. Her skirt lit up and glowed. I was happy that she wore the princess crown my mom made me when I was 6. Trae wore a teddy bear costume so he could be all warm and snuggly.

Halloween amuses me. It's a strange holiday but always fun since it's the only day of the year when we feel entitled to go and beg the neighbors for candy. I mean we let the kids go and beg. We just watch from the sidewalk and then go home to see what good candy we, I mean, they get. I did see some teenage girls trick-or-treating for UNICEF. Now that is a worthy cause.

I hope you all had fun seeing your family and friends enjoy the night of fun costumes, sweet treats and the cool fall air!