They say the darndest things

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The other day I was able to spend time with Reese in his 1st grade classroom. They were studying Kenya and Japan. Having a bit of experience with Japan, I was able to help out at one of the stations during their Japanese Cultural Celebration.
After the kids donned their versions of traditional Japanese kimonos (bathrobes and dad's shirts) they sat down to a tea ceremony with rice cakes and goldfish crackers. While they dined on "fake" Japanese food, I gave them a quick language lesson. The salutatory hello and good-bye, please, thank you and such phrases as "my name is", "I like to", play, go to school, and "I am drinking" tea, or water, and names of various animals as requested.

Kids are funny. Especially 1st graders. They are just starting to be able to handle some bigger kid things and will surprise you at their level of understanding of the world. Then they remind you that they are still goofy kids which makes you shake your head and laugh. Like when in the middle of your sentence, a word reminds them of something and they blurt it out. For example, when I told them to say cat in Japanese, one kid raised his hand to ask a question. I thought it was to request another animal but the "question" was, "My cat is on a diet."
Another kid said "Nuh uh, cats don't diet!"
"Yes, huh, my mom said so. My cat's too fat."
Okay, next question and Jon's personal favorite -
"My grandpa can eat 11 pounds of food."
Oh, great- and how are his arteries??
Any other questions?
"Are you Reese's mom?"
"Who's Reese's dad?"
Are we on Jerry Springer?...

God bless Elementary School Teachers!

It's not you, it's me...

Monday, May 11, 2009

When I talk with Trae man,
I usually do so with some sort of baby talk. I admit it.

I call him Little guy, little man, Trae man, gooey (Charley named him that) squishy face, etc.
You get the idea.
Not wanting to leave out Blair, I call her Little Blair Bear or I'll ask her, "How's my baby girl?" when she wakes each morning. On this particular day as she curled up next to me on the couch, I commented on her cute face and asked her not to grow up, ever. I told her she could live with me and dad forever. We'll just make an apartment over the garage.

Jon doesn't know this. He looks forward to the day they turn 18 and are off to college. He's already gearing them up for scholarships hoping to ensure they have a place to go because he'll only have two plane tickets to Greece.

So thinking Blair would throw her arms around me with excitement, I smiled big and waited for the crush. The arms came around me and she said with a disappointing tone, "Oh mama, I'm really sorry. I can't be Little Blair Blair anymore. I'm Big Blair Blair now." ('Blair Bear' is a tongue twister for her so she says Blair Blair.)
She went on to say, "If I'm little Blair Blair, I won't be able to dance everybody cut footlooose."

I said, "So, you don't want to be little forever?"
"No," she said
"And you don't want to live with mama forever?"
"No, I just want to dance. I'm sorry."

It was as if she was letting me down easy with the "it's not you, it's me" speech.
And with that she patted my head and turned back to her cartoons.

Easter Swap..Better late than never!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Although the Easter holiday is over,
I wanted to let you know what I received in the Easter Basket Swap.

Unfortunately, my computers will be traveling to Texas to undergo surgery, so I am using another computer where I can't upload pictures.

But after reading, you can close your eyes and picture everything I received, in your mind...

My partner was Jenny. Which was funny since we started the swap together. We put all of the names in a bowl and pulled them out randomly, assigning each partnership that way. When there were only 4 names left in the bowl, Jenny said "I bet we are going to get each other." and then the next two I pulled were ours. That was funny.

So from Jenny I received a non-traditional basket which I luh-huved!
It was a large, round "Hat" box with a french sewing motif on it. Perfect to hold my sewing items that seem to take over the studio. Inside the deep box were a bunch of Almond Joy candy bars and a gourmet style bag of jelly beans in various shades of yellow with the flavors to match, (lemon, banana, pina colada.) I also received black and white note cards in a damask pattern and a photo album with the same pattern. A Jasmine scented candle in shades of browns topped off the whole bundle of goodies.
I loved everything I received but more importantly, I enjoyed gathering items for another.
That was truly the best part for me.

I hope that it was as fun for all of the participants as it was for me and look forward to signing up for the next one in the summer! Let me know if you'd like to sign up for that one!

Thanks Jenny for all of the cool items!

Now go ahead and close your eyes...

I hear the secrets that you keep, when you're talking in your sleep.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I think it's funny when someone talks in their sleep unless it's me of course.

The other night as I was walking by Reese's room, I heard him mumble in his sleep, "No, it's not a cow. It's over there." And as I am writing this, I am wondering if he wasn't talking about me??
At least he doesn't think I'm a cow...

Then, the next night Trae fell asleep in my arms and I was too tired to take him to his crib. I rather enjoyed holding him though. His arms were flung back and he looked completely comfortable. I gently pulled my arms from underneath so as not to disturb him and I let him lie next to me. Sometime later and still asleep, he said, "armph" and then giggled. He giggled so hard he sounded just like the dolls at the store... you know, the kind you can squeeze to hear their sounds.
It made me laugh too. That and his rapid eye movement that was going on later. Hilarious.

Then the following night as I was having a great dream where someone bequeathed me $90,000.00, it was interrupted when Jon woke me up. He was patting the mattress saying, "Get up, get up, let's go!" I said, "Where??" He said "Downstairs, we have to go downstairs!" I told him I didn't want to go downstairs and then I was bummed because I realized that $90,000.00 was just a dream. He continued to say "We have to be under 11 feet, let's go." I told him he was talking in his sleep and he said noooo. It was quiet and then he said, "Oh. Dang!"
It made me laugh.

I went back to sleep and tried to will myself back into that money dream.
It didn't work.
Bummer! I wanted to know what I was going to do with it.