Circumstantial Evidence

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Until my computers are fixed, I am sans pictures. Sorry folks.

Little Blair is sick with some sort of virus. She caught it from Trae man, who is not completely over it but is feeling good enough to get in to everything again. I am happy to see that.

The other day while I was going about the house like the merry maids, I came in to the kitchen and saw a little pile of blond hair on the floor. I turned toward the living room where Blair was standing and below her at her feet were a pair of scissors and another little pile of blond hair. I asked if she had cut her hair again. "No" was her reply. I asked if she was sure. I said to be honest, she wasn't in trouble. She said she didn't cut her hair.

The evidence was purely circumstantial.

I looked beyond her and saw two barbie dolls(clothes removed by the way) and realized that she didn't cut her hair, but had given her dolls a new do. I asked if she had cut the dolls' hair. She was still denying it.
So I said that someone did it and I wondered who...
She looked at me and said "Hmmm...maybeeee (pause for dramatic effect) Santa Claus???"

Blogging difficulties

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So I haven't blogged for a while which is

Jon and I bought new laptops late last year and within a week of each other, both of them died. I think they have bad ports. This was after the year before's laptop died. Which was after the desktop started doing crazy things. So between 4 computers, you would think one of them would work....

So how's everyone out there? How are you bloggy friends?

How was your Easter?
Mine was nice. The Easter bunny filled baskets full of candy and hid them for the kids. Just nicely enough that the kids could find them easily. We had a nice Sunday at church and came home to fix salmon with peach and pear salsa, roasted red potatoes and fresh green beans coated in sesame oil and seeds. Yum!
We ended the festivities with an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. All the eggs were found except for one. It was one of the Golden Eggs too. The ones with the dollar bills inside.
Somewhere in our backyard is a lonely golden egg waiting for it's turn to be opened. I'm sure I'll find it when I start the lawn mower this week. The grass is tall enough to mow.
Yes! Spring has finally sprung!