Thursday, May 27, 2010

Each morning I step out onto the deck and quietly position myself to my knees. I pull back the outdoor rug and press my forehead to the deck floor.

Peering through the floor boards, I focus my eyes and take a quick scan of the area below; each time a flash of panic races through me. I wonder for a moment if the night's rain has done any damage or if mama bird could find food that day.

Quelling my fears, I see that my little friends are a bit stronger and a little hairier.
Their beaks point upward to me and I gently replace the rug.

My front row seat to the theater of nature is reserved again tomorrow.

No flash was used so I wouldn't disturb them too much.

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  1. How wonderful is that?! And such a great picture you got of the babies!


  2. I love the way you write. I could not have put that half so elequently as you. :) Such cute birdies.

  3. That is so cool. I love the little babies.

  4. Every year either our neighbor gets a nest in our front yard landscaping.

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  6. Just popped over from Never Growing Old's "Follow Friday" ... love your blog. I'm following now. You're a great writer and I could just imagine the contortions you were going through to check up on your little nestlings. So cute! :)

  7. How awesome is that? I am visiting from New Friend Friday! Love the pic you got of the babies! So sweet!

  8. Oh how precious. They look so fragil and weak all pink with no feathers - wow. Anyway I'm here from Java's 40+ blog hop and your newest follower. Hope you'll come visit my blog and follow me too. There's strength in numbers. Smile. Thanks.


  9. A few years ago a bird built a nest over our front door. We could watch the activity from inside the house (there's a window above the door). Only thing was we had to climb a ladder. For a couple weeks we had the ladder sitting in the living room. It looked kind of funny but it was so much fun watching the little birdies as they hatched, grew and finally left the nest.

  10. I'm visiting from New Friend Friday @ The Girl Creative. You are a great writer! I will never forget watching the baby birds we had one spring (the mama had made a nest in our hose reel). So exciting!

  11. What a beautiful pictures!

    We had a nest that a mama bird built in between the wings of a gargoyle that we have hanging on our deck. The babies hatched, but I never did get a chance to see them. Last night, hubby told me that he thinks they all flew away. I just hope our hospitality was enough for that little bird family! ;-)


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