Weekend tornado

Monday, May 17, 2010

The only thing I touched in the house all weekend was the door handle; running in to grab a bite and running out to be at the next appointment. Chores went by the wayside so today I will begin clean-up after the tornado that swept through here. Girl's camp meeting, Les Mis tryouts, photo sessions and church took up the whole weekend but it was good and fun!

We also got a new family mascot which was the highlight of the kids' weekend, maybe month - probably year.

Weekend overview-
Justin, a Senior, did a great job and is such a great kid. The biggest smile he gave was when Jon asked, "Isn't Kim Kardashian dating Justin Bieber?" It was funny.
Josh, another Senior, was a natural with his poses. He and Jon threw the football while I set up shots and checked lighting.

This sweet baby, Ender, has a great smile
and will someday melt more hearts with those super blue eyes.

And introducing...
the new additon to our family, Charli, the Jack Russell Terrier.
He was given to us by some friends.

My second oldest daughter is also named Charley but the family took a vote and decided that the dog Charli gets to keep her name. "Human Charley" as the kids say, will have to change hers.

Sorry, Charley.

Reese asked me to take pictures of them posing alike - such a funny kid.

A good weekend it was!


  1. Sounds very busy! My son was in Les Mis.

    Great photos.

  2. I think I was hit by the same tornado, but no church meetings for me, just lazy. Haha. That pup sure is cute.

  3. Amazing pictures of Josh and Justin and Ender. AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT A DOG. How fun!!!


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