Farewell to birds

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our little friends have flown the coop. Flew the nest is more like it.

It was a daily ritual to peer through the deck and make sure they were still there.

On the second to last day that I checked, one bird remained. Sitting in her nest in stoic silence, she looked fluffy and mature. The next morning she was gone.

When the nest was so carefully constructed, there was no dog living with us. I'm sure the mama bird was cussing me out in her language the day we brought C dog home.

It was a great day for the kids. It was probably the worst day for her.

I protected them everyday and finally, I was relieved to see that they were all gone.
I let the dog out unsupervised that day and when I walked outside, birds began dive bombing me on the deck. I felt like Tippi Hedren and ran back inside with arms flailing, hitting myself on the head.

And then it dawned on me that the last bird may have come back and wasn't fast enough to take off if she felt threatened.
I ran back outside and witnessed frantic birds making a last ditch attempt to save their sibling and comrade but it was too late. Charli bounded up the steps and laid the bird at my feet.

And just as quickly, all of the birds flew and retreated in silence.

I felt bad about it all day.


  1. Oh dear. :( Is that birdie poo on your little guys face? Or mud? Either he doesn't look to happy.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry that happened and that you were feeling bad about it. There are some things we can stop from happening in our little corner of the world and then there's natural instinct and the law of the jungle ( the strong survive and the weak perish )

    It is especially difficult for small children to grasp. Just think about the other little birds who did survive and will be living, nesting and having their babies next all had a part in that happening too !

    Thanks so much for coming by and commenting on my blogs...means a lot to me !

  3. Hi There, I love seeing your little Robins... All birds really struggle when it comes to saving their young ones. Sorry the dog got one of the baby birds---but unfortunately, that's just part of nature.

    One time, when I lived in Texas, my dog caught a Mourning Dove and brought it to the back door....

    Hope you have a great week--and hope that the birds are more careful where they build their nest the next time.

  4. Oh no. But hey you were trying to keep them safe.

  5. That really is quite a sad story.

  6. I hope you are not still blaming yourself, you did your very best to ensure those chicks got a good start. The first photo is absolutely brilliant.


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