I'd like to thank the Academy...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

or rather, Lourie, the blog author of the witty, creative and of one of my favorites, CA Girl for this honor. I enjoyed her "Dancing with the Stars" recap.

Lourie bestowed upon me two blog awards calling me trendy and beautiful in one day, it's just too much really.
I didn't even know what these awards were when I first saw them a while back. There is a BAG (Blog Author's Guild - you heard it here first!) award kinda like the SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) awards, I thought?? Who are these people and what are the criteria?

Well, it really is a community of people who enjoy catching up with other authors through the content of their blogs, stories and pictures and want to give you a virtual pat on the back.

Now I get to pass this on to a few fellow bloggers and then tell you 10 things you didn't know about me. I wish I could send this out to everyone. I'm sure it'll make it's way around. In no particular order, let me start off with Alysa, my friend for 19 years now. She was the one who told me to start a blog and I'm so glad I did. Her personal blog is private, so trust me when I tell you that she may just be the best person I have ever met. Her only flaw is that she doesn't have any.
Truly, I want to be like her when I grow up.
Her other blog is Out of The Attic that she works on with a friend and they have cool stuff there.

I love to visit Carolyn over at Fruit of the Carolyn and read her interesting adventures of barn building and goats.

Sincerely, Lori is a blog of letters written to her daughter and husband. I am a big fan of writing letters on a blog and hers are sweet and funny.

Together we save is a great place to get the scoop on deals and coupons. Denise works hard to help us all save a little cash.

I like to check in at The Haverford House and see what Marcy has done by way of decorating and crafting. Her tea cart makeover was funny - or what she told her husband.

And finally Peggy at A Primitive Plot always makes me smile at how she says hers "is a place for ordinary people." The world needs more Peggys.

10 things:

1. Stayed in the same school district K-12
2. Packed a red handkerchief of my dads and tied it to a stick and ran away to a tree in my
backyard when I was 5.
3. Saved my Barbies, the Dream airplane and Sunshine Family Van so I could play with
them with my daughters someday and wouldn't look so silly still playing with them in 6th
4. Showed my horse in competition when I was a kid.
5. Climbed Mt. Fuji
6. I was in a greased pig contest.
7. I was not the greased pig.
8. Never gotten a speeding ticket.
9. Cannot tan.
10. Love a good Key Lime Pie.

Thanks Lourie, it was fun!


  1. You are very welcome.

    I can't tan either. I can burn though. I climbed some of a mountain in UT and slide down the dirt. Does that count? I've never been a greased pig either. ;)

  2. Are you kidding me? Girl, you are too sweet. Made me smile. That's what I think about you -- you are truly amazing! BTW, if you hung around me more you'd quickly see all my flaws. Maybe we should keep this long distant relationships. Hee. Hee.

    Thank you also for the shout out for "Out of the Attic". Rachelle is the real creative one. I'm riding coat tails. Wish we were closer. Would we be the ones doing a blog together???

    Your list cracked me up. You are one funny lady. I wish we could sit out by my pool and just chat more indepth about 1-10. We would be laughing for sure and talk for hours.

    I miss you and love you!!!!!

  3. wow!! Now I can say, "I knew you when. . .!"
    Congrats!, Laura!


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