What camping does

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girl's camp was great.

I was one of three adult leaders over the YCL's (Youth camp leaders) and we enjoyed a week of activities. Because the YCL's were busy helping the other year levels (1st through 4Th year camp attendees) there was some down time for me.

I was able to canoe with my daughter on a beautiful lake and hike up to a zip line which took me sailing over a wooded valley. I was able to shoot BB guns at targets and take aim with a bow and arrow. I listened to funny songs, played games and was able to sit around campfires and talk with girls who told me their life stories. One girl was a little scared one night and asked if she could sleep in my tent. We stayed up until 3 am and talked while she shined her flashlight at bugs.

I was also able to enjoy the splendor of nature and study its details while being shaded under lovely canopies of trees.
While waiting for the girls to return from a night swim, I sat alone by the fire and looked up to a wide open sky. I took in the breathtaking sight of bright, glorious stars. And in the stillness, I reminded myself there was no way that this perfection could be anything other than the grand design of God.

That's what camping does for me.


  1. How wonderful ! I have very fond memories of girl's camp, our leaders and the great friends I made there. Most importantly, being amidst all the beauty of nature, I was able to know also that God is the designer of the universe and He loved me !

  2. sounds like it as perfect. Glad you had a nice time.

  3. I'm impressed you went on a zipline!

  4. Lovely photos and lovely post. I am with you, being at one with nature does really make you appreciate this wonderful world of ours.

  5. My daughter had a blast at girls camp. She tried the ropes course, but after getting up 10 feet she decided not yet. She got bit, went on a 3 mile hike, a snipe hunt(snicker) and her favorite thing was the last night. I remember that last night when I went too. Now she is home singing all the silly songs. ahaha.

  6. Makes me almost want to go to girls camp :)

    I have served in the YW, but always ended up in a different calling around the time of camp.


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