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Monday, July 26, 2010

I just happened to catch a Martha Stewart segment the other day that was really interesting. I don't normally watch this show because the t.v. is usually hijacked by Dora and Spongebob. But by some miracle, the kids were not watching t.v. and the channel just happened to be set. So it caught my attention when I heard the show's introduction. And I was in need of a cleaning break anyway.

The topic: organic food.

We like to buy organic as much as we can. We try to only buy free range beef and chicken. It's not easy to find out my way but it seems that more stores are carrying larger selections. While there are no type of Whole Foods markets in my neck of the woods, we are surrounded by farms and every Saturday there is a farmer's market just 8 miles away. I get my choice of beautiful fruits and vegetables. The Amish grow the tastiest carrots.

During the show I learned that 90% of the food we buy in the stores is corn-based. Not the plump, fresh corn on the cob that is so juicy and sweet but the not-for-human-consumption corn that is fed to animals and used when sweeteners are needed. This type of corn is actually not supposed to be fed to animals either. Being fed only corn causes the cows to get sick and then they are given antibiotics that transfer to their meat. The guest on the show said that it is one of the main reasons for the spike in childhood diabetes and allergies. The information was much more in depth, but you get the gist.

I also found out that the first push for organic gardening was started by a man named J.I Rodale in 1947. It was called the Soil and Health Foundation and is now known as the Rodale Institute, a 333 acre certified organic farm. See here for Martha's segment.

It looked like a great place to visit. But I figured just like Canton's first Mondays and Roundtop in Texas, two places that I have always wanted to visit, (which I also lived near but didn't know about until after I moved!) this was a place that was out of reach. Well, lucky me, it is right in Kutztown. PA. So I'll be heading there to tour the farm and be in organic heaven.

Of course I'll take you along in photos. Stay tuned!

I am now going out to weed the garden. Wish me luck, it's long overdue!

What are your experiences with organic gardening?


  1. Well thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I can tell from reading your profile that we must be twins! Bourne movies???!!! YES.
    And we both have gardens that need weeding.

    Interesting post. Makes me a bit ill to read.

    Hope you have a great week.

  2. I saw that segment on Martha too. I try not to use processed foods at all...they have a lot of MSG or other additives that kinda make me sick and give me headaches.

    We have had great luck with growing an organic garden in containers and the ground, even though,here in Florida, we have to really use lots of top soil because the soil here is sandy ( used to be the bottom of the ocean about 20 milliom years ago or more )

    I am kind of sad...I had 10 tomato plants in the spring, got tons of tomatoes and with the combo of very wet weather and extreme heat, they are nearly done producing now. I also think our Bee population is down and that effects pollination. Some years, we have tomatoes until October !

  3. I am excited to see the journey through your eyes

  4. Would you like a friend to accompany you on your organic garden adventure in Kutztown?

  5. I wonder if that's applicable to cans corn...I really like them and use them alot? Okay, let me go watch the segment you have posted up because I have other questions. Thanks for the heads up on this and I'm looking forward to your report and pictures on organic foods.


  6. Organic shopping is getting easier here as well. Our Safeway just made an entire 3/4 of an aisle organic! YAY! THANKS so much for your sweet comment on my blog! ;0)


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