High-heeled pain

Monday, July 19, 2010

"We conclude that long-term use of high heeled shoes induces shortening of the [calf] muscle fascicles and increases [Achilles' tendon] stiffness, reducing the ankle's active range of motion," the researchers wrote in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

When I was little, I remember my mom always wearing skirts and never leaving the house without her red lipstick and high heels. As time went on, she traded in her heels for tennis shoes and skirts became slacks. She never wore jeans until later in life.

I used to dress up when I went anywhere but now it seems that I've fallen into the same mode; foregoing fashion for comfort. I think it's because I don't work in an environment anymore which kept me out meeting with new prospects and a client base. And I am constantly involved with kids' activities and working around the house and cleaning up little mishaps...

I still don't wear tennis shoes out side of the house much. I reserve them for work and exercise but I still feel like I have clown feet when I wear them. Isn't there a high heeled tennis shoe??

So where do you stand: (pun completely intended) Heels or flats?

On a side note...

Photo courtesy of the Washington Post

I love weird roadside attractions, don't you?

RIP shoe tree...

BOISE, Idaho U.S. Forest Service officials in northern Idaho said the rubber-soled decorations that made the “shoe tree” a beloved Priest River landmark also helped fuel its demise.

Tourists and locals since the 1940s have dressed the tree with hundreds of pairs of shoes, nailing sneakers to its trunk and hanging work boots from its branches.

Firefighters found the tree engulfed in flames late Thursday, and the blaze was difficult to extinguish because the sizable cedar was covered in melted shoe rubber.

Officials have long discouraged people from adding shoes to the tree, which had become a roadside attraction featured on various travel websites.


  1. I am a flats girl. While in my head, I'd love to be the girl that leaves the house dressed in heels and cute clothes, the reality is I chase after a three year old all day. Flats make much more sense.

  2. Grrr to whoever lit that tree on fire!

    I am a tennis shoe person by default. Bad back. Bad knees. Summer time I wear sandals that have support. Church shoes vary from flats to wedges. I love shoes. I love heels. I just can't wear them long. :(

  3. I rarely wear tennis shoes. I like flats and heals. Right now I'm flip flops for sure. HOWEVER...I do like the ED HARDEY tennis shoe!!! I would wear those.

  4. I used to be the high heels and lipstick girl but now I can hardly wear a pair of kitten heels for more than a couple of it's mostly sneakers ( Nike ) and flats !

  5. I'm so stinkin' short that I will do the heels constantly unless its for a long walk then I wear a pair of flat sandals.

  6. How funny it is to think I ever wore heels. But I like seeing them, even in the stores. At my age, I would for sure, fall down and never get up by myself. But you all wear them with my good wishes.

  7. When I get a chance to dress up, definitely high heels. But honestly, as long as the shoe is pretty, be it flat or high heeled it's my style.

  8. Shoeless always, but if I must, heels all the way.


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