Is it bad...

Monday, July 12, 2010

that the kids wanted Kettle corn but we didn't have any so I just made regular popcorn and sprinkled sugar on it?

that I just sucked up some little toys in the vacuum because I was too lazy to bend down and pick them up? I mean, does Polly Pocket really need all of those rubber clothes??

that I want to reach through the computer and slap the girl that has been having an affair with my friend's husband? She says her "favorite book is the Bible" and that she's "so blessed" to have a "new family!" Oh, Excuse me while I gag.

that if and when I see said friend's husband, I'll want to kick him where it counts? I didn't think so...

that I dream of spending my lottery winnings and how much I would give my friends and family even though I don't play the lottery?

that my daughter and I made a McDonald's french fry run in the middle of the night?

that the raspberry plant someone gave me died and I want to get another so they won't know I killed it?

that I wish I could twitch my nose like on "Bewitched" or blink like Jeannie so my house would be clean? I guess it's not going to clean itself so I had better go!

Happy Monday ya'll~


  1. Ha, ha, ha, I loved this. What could be wrong with wanting to kick some cheating jerk where it hurts or go for a mid-night run to Mickie Ds for fries. In fact I'm with you on all your points. Hey, the kids should learn to pick of their tiny toys - we moms are only humans and can pick up just so much, ha! ha! ha! The sweet little dears - let keep lookin' and wonderin'. Happy Monday right back at cha'. Smiles.


  2. I pray for God to send little elves to come finish my house renovation in the middle of the night while we sleep or while we're away for any length of time (they'd made great housekeepers, too). He turned water into wine, so I say ask and recive, right? Can't hurt!

  3. LMBO! Were we separated at birth or something! Hahahaha. I laughed all the way through this...except that part about your friend. I will hold the turd down while you kick. ;)

  4. Ha...Felt bad for your friend, I'd panic over the raspberry bush to I've also thought the same thing about winning the lottery. Don't play it either.
    Have a great day.

  5. Oh what a great post! I love it. That's so me. ;)

  6. I think we all have thought sessions like these. I always find it interesting and entertaining to read others. And no to all of the above.

  7. No, Polly doesn't need all those shoes. Heavens, no. I'm convinced my vacuum is powered by Polly Pocket shoes.

  8. I'm still here.. making my way through your blog... This is a crack up!!


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