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Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm back for another installment of thrifting finds.
But first, a big shout out to Meg from A Little Knick Knack for letting me guest post earlier this week. It was a re-post of my haggling tips for flea market and antique shopping. I have more tips but too much for a blog post since I could write a whole article. I just gave myself an idea...anyway, you can see that post here. Thanks Meg!

Now on to the goods!

It's been a little while since I have gone thrift shopping. I went with the specific task of finding an old, ugly light that I need for a DIY project. The time I don't need it, I see a bunch of them. This time, nothing. I guess I'll have to make another trip.

Two white candle holders for .97 cents each. Love the form.

A basket to hold my fabric, $2.00. I really like its washed out color.

New Target frames for $1.99 each.

Brown transfer ware for $1.00 and worth much, much more which is one of the great things about thrift shops!

A silver metal bowl for .49 cents. Really? I had to take it for that price even though I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I had a bag of decorative balls I bought at IKEA with the exception of the blue colored one. That is actually a K-Mart purchase. So there they sit. I like the combination of rough and smooth textures.

So for a total of around $9.50, I have a few new-to-me decorative items for my home. There are good deals and interesting items out there. Go find some and let me know how it goes!

Any guesses on my favorite find of the day?

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  1. Great finds!! Love the silver bowl!

  2. Now I want to see what you do with all those great finds. Isn't it fun? I do need to do a bit of dejunking. Wish we could all swap and trade.

    All your fabric is adorable. Where do you get it? Do you sew or just use it for various projects?

    Love you lady!

  3. I know, it is fun. I've been thinking of having a swap in the fall. I can mail you stuff if you want!

    The collection of plates will be going up on a kitchen wall - the wall that is getting a new paint job! The other stuff I swap out seasonally or when I get tired of it.

    The fabric I use for Blair's dresses and other projects that are on the docket. Most of it is from Etsy or right here at Joann's and Hancocks.

    You need to come visit!!

  4. What lovely finds, I especially like the transferware, I'm going to take a look at your haggling tips next.

  5. Great finds indeed! :)

    Love the transferware.. and the silver bowl I would TOTALLY paint.
    I have been painting old yucky brass and silver ( not real ) stuff.. and it sells quickly out of home again...

    Hope you enjoy creating!!

  6. You are a SUPER thrifter! I love all your finds. Especially the white candle sticks. Those are gorgeous! Thank you for your comments on my blog today. :)

  7. Stopping by from JAG. They are great finds! My guess for your favourite would be the brown transferware. Classic, collectable and worth way more.

  8. I would guess the bowl just because it was 49cents. Sweet! Great finds all across the board!

  9. OH FUN! Great stuff!!!! I haven't been thrifting for awhile. I'm actually heading to Salt Lake tomorrow and thought I'd stop by a DI on my way home and see what I might come up with. After reading your post....WOOT! I'm excited.
    Have a great day.

  10. i love the mix in your finds! a bit vintage and modern. love it!!

  11. I love when you find amazing things and you wonder why other people didn't snatch it right up.

    I am visiting from I am Only One.


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