Saturday, August 7, 2010

I had to laugh the other day as I read an article on Al Gore and his sudden new fascination with heavy metal music. Apparently, he's loving the single life since Tipper never let him listen to rock music because of the bad influence she felt that it was. She has had a 25 year quest to get warning labels on music with explicit lyrics. I see nothing wrong with that. It's just like rating a movie and that doesn't seem to bother anyone. Anyone? Anyone?

Here is an excerpt from a recent interview.

"According to Gore's personal assistant Eric Linscott, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has been spending most of each workday gorging himself on the songs "On Your Knees," "The Torture Never Stops," and "Show No Mercy."

"I spent six hours at Best Buy yesterday trying to find these Quiet Riot and N.W.A. albums he was asking for," said Linscott, who claimed he also purchased a mirror etched with the AC/DC logo for Gore's home office. "Whenever I try to talk to him about upcoming meetings or something, he just makes this, like, devil symbol with his hands or starts air-drumming. I'm really hoping this is just a phase."

Al has also been catching up on movies that he couldn't watch either and
announced plans to stay up all night watching Porky's, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Red Dawn, and The Terminator.

"Why would I need Tipper when I've got all this?" said Gore, gesturing toward stacks of compact discs, vinyl albums, VHS cassettes, DVDs, and Nintendo games. "I'll tell you one thing: If she thinks I miss her, then she's out of her mind, because I don't. I'm living the dream here, my friend. I'm not lonely at all."
Added Gore, "Not lonely at all."

In Tipper's quiet defiance, I expect her to increase her carbon footprint by leaving on all of the lights, buying a bottle of water in a plastic bottle and filling up the biggest gas guzzler at the BP station.


  1. Tipper's quiet defiance...I loved it.

  2. I just think Al Gore went crazy after he lost the 2000 election. He made so much cash making all of us feel guilty about our carbon footprints, scamming with stocks in environmental/ global warming garbage he figured why not be more like Bill Clinton in his personal life ??? I have an idea he always was anyway...

    I sure hope Tipper gets a barrels full of cash in the divorce...she sure has earned it living with him, Mr. Boring Monotone, all those years !

  3. I'm quite confident the man is insane.

  4. I have no words....except...I love Tipper's quiet defiance! BWHAHAHA!


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