Rose postal

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recently I saw P. Allen Smith massacre some rose bushes.

I always dead headed and pruned them but never cut them back so drastically.
There were never many blooms. All I had were holes in leaves.

Even after setting Japanese Beetle traps, they still didn't produce.

I even gave them food. The rose bushes, or lack thereof, were planted by the previous home owners. I figured they should look a little better after 4 years but they didn't.

So I hacked them up. ALOT.

They looked like two sticks in the ground.The worst it could do was end their already miserable state, or best thing - which ever way you look at it.

We don't have a beetle problem this year so I was hoping for a rebound.
I waited and waited and then I saw P. Allen's segment
and felt better about going postal on them.

One lonely bloom was on the bush a week ago so I brought it in and gave it a spot on the windowsill. Today there were a few more so I set them where I'll see them while cooking dinner.

And after seeing so many buds in waiting, it looks like tomorrow there may be enough for a full blown centerpiece.


  1. Those are pretty! I would love to see the rose bush too!

  2. Congrats! You've unexpectedly mastered rose gardening! It's wonderful that you "stop and smell them" too. :-)

  3. Girl, you are too funny! Speaking of funny, I can actually relate to the whole rose bush thing. Sticks, yeah, I relate. What is a bloom? ;)

    Love the roses in the Purity bottle! And the tin tiles, pleasse Girl! Love it!

    Thanks, too, for the sweet comment earlier today. I love having you around and see what you and your family are doing. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thanks Ellen! You're too sweet. I love those bottles too. I bought a bunch along with their crate at an auction a long time ago.

    I am experimenting with those tiles. I had these great ceramic tiles for the backsplash but $18 sq/ft to start would hurt too much so I decided to use subway tile. But I've had these so I thought I would try them out first.
    I do like the look!

  5. I've been seeing some of that "prune with wild abandon" stuff and it is crazy! I guess it works though.

  6. LOL !
    My Mom was wonderful in the garden and hacked up a few rose bushes in her time. They came back fuller and had many more beautiful roses as a result.


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