Visiting the Amish

Friday, August 20, 2010

With my niece and nephew visiting from Washington state, it gives us the opportunity to be "tourists in our own town." Yesterday we drove a bit farther into Amish country to take a buggy ride.
The kids were able to pose with a buggy driver.
Trae was too busy chasing animals to get in the group shot.

I love seeing the roadside signs for the Amish. This was a buggy repair shop and a place to give your horse a drink.

Blair enjoyed the view from sitting up front.

Taking hay to the animals.

Belen said she would love to mow the lawn this way and would do it all the time.

Reese enjoyed being up front too.

Traffic jam PA style.

A one room school house, K-8th grade. The Amish only go up to the 8th grade. When the driver, Aaron, told my nephew Bryson that, he asked if he could convert! The gentleman said yes, they need another stable boy on his farm.

We drove through miles of beautiful pasture and between corn fields. The corn is mainly used for the animals while tobacco is their cash crop. They also have other businesses and have proven to be quite business savvy. While on the ride, our driver yelled over to two of his grandkids, speaking Pennsylvania Dutch.
The kids whined back, "Oh all right!" in English.
We all laughed. I guess kids are the same everywhere.
Along the way home we bought some homemade peanut butter cookies - yum
and some homemade root beer - not so yum.
My mom's was really good. I may have to find her recipe and try it myself.
If you have a good one, let me know.

Up next for our town tourism:

Knoebels amusement park - the largest free-admission park in the United States.
It's also our favorite.

The scenic hour or so drive makes for a great time to talk with my husband.

The kids excitedly talk with each other in the back of the car and decide their plan of attack for the rides...and when they'll have an ice cream cone and a potato pierogi.

You gotta love summer
and Pennsylvania.

Have a great day.


  1. What nice pictures, makes me want to visit Pennsylvania. Love the children pictures. Our nearest Amish community I think is in Shipshewanee Indiana. We haven't been in a long time, since it became so commercial. However, everyone who goes enjoys it, especially the fried chicken.

  2. I'm loving your day trips! I love visiting the Amish communities and admire their workmanship in furniture and such. Love the pictures of your babies - they are so happy!


  3. What a great opportunity for your family! I would love to visit an Amish Community someday.
    I love the pictures. You have such a darling family.

  4. That is a really interesting and fun trip. The photos are so pretty. We have only been to PA once when we stayed at my Hubs cousin's lake for a week. It was the best family vaca we ever had...beautiful country !


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