Good reasons

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hypothetically speaking, there are a few reasons why I should stop drinking soda pop. Besides all of the health problems associated with it for one, my two-year old might get in the car and get the bottle I left behind and then act all crazy because he is on a caffeine high.

Two - that same two year-old could accidentally pop the car out of gear, while you are in the house cooking dinner. And then he could take a joy ride down the hill backwards and mow down the neighbors flowers and rip off your passenger side mirror.

Those are some pretty good reasons I think, you know, if this were ever to happen. Just thinking out loud, hypothetically, of course.

So, how was everyone else's day?


  1. Hi Girl!!
    long time no chat... sorry about that, I dropped the ball there. It has been crazy busy this month, but soon it will balance out and return to some sense of normal. Then I can chat with you more!! Yeah!!
    Had to drop in and catch up with you. Loving the gourd stand, Ms. Blair was just too cute there. And the family pictures - what a creative eye you have, I love, love, love them. Particularly the one with the parents in the background to the babies in front. Precious indeed.
    Come see me when you can! Have an amazing day!

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  3. LOL...I think ! Are you just kidding and looking for possible good excuses for quitting soda ? I quit in January and stayed off it for 6 soon as mid June got here, I broke down and started drinking soda again...UGH !

    BTW, don't you just get annoyed with comments that just promote themselves and forget they are on YOUR BLOG ??? LOL

  4. Quit soda?? Aaack! I did good today...1 1/2 is all...really. ;)

    Please tell me the car thing is just something made up.

  5. No, not made up! He took a joy ride down the hill! I win parent of the year...


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