Hardly laborious

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day signals the end of summer and the ushering in of what I describe as one of the most breathtaking of all seasons. I loved the lazy days of summer but I look forward to seeing the leaves change colors, warming up the house with fall decorations, the smell of pumpkins and hearty soups on the stove.
Summer was great though but it's time for a change.

Growing up we always celebrated this changing of time on Labor Day with a family picnic. Two of my dad's sisters lived nearby so we always got together with them. There was always badminton, horseshoes, making hay mazes in the barn and my Aunt Janet's killer potato salad. As everyone got older, left home, got married and had kids, these mini-reunions just didn't happen like they used to.

And that's okay because new traditions are made.

So without our extended families around us, we just play together on Labor Day. After hamburgers, we went to the playground at Reese's elementary school because we love that it's tucked away from everything...and we played until the sun went down.

What did you do for Labor Day? I hope it was great!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend Labor Day !

    My Hubs did 2 "Honey Do" projects for single sisters in our Ward with 2 guys from his HP Quorum. We BBQ'd chicken and hamburgers, just hung out in the AC ( it's still really hot here ) and relaxed the rest of the day with family.

  2. My extended family of brothers and sisters live all around us and we had a wonderful Labor Day - but I enjoyed it all over again looking at your pictures of your Labor Day with the family. Thanks.

  3. Seriously - I'm moving in with your family!! I know I say this a lot to you, but it's true.. y'all have soo much fun I wanna go too! ;)) All me and mine did was skip over to the other side of town for a very late lunch and oh, yeah, I reorganized my kitchen cabinets. Such an exciting life I lead...


  4. I used to love the swing, especially leaning back with my eyes closed. I loved the thrill I got in the bottom of my stomach!! Looks like you had a very fun time.


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