The pumpkin stand

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last weekend we set up a pumpkin stand for the kids. I didn't know that Blair would enjoy being an entrepreneur so much. We set it up at 10 am and she was determined to sit there all day until we made her come inside. She even took her lunch outside to her table so she would not miss customers. We don't get much traffic in front of our house so when she would see a car at the corner, she would hold up gourds and jump up and down and say, "Get your gourds here!" I watched a few cars make a u-turn and come back to her. Each of them said they should hire her to do their sales.

Reese loading up the wagon

A few customers

The left over gourds.
I added to them by making another trip to the produce auction with a friend. We scored some great deals on peanut pumpkins, turbin pumpkins and cinderella pumpkins.
The black gourd in the middle takes center stage because she looks like a black swan.

More gourds on a shelf.
You could say I've "gourd" crazy.
Ha ha, couldn't resist...

Happy beginning of Fall!


  1. So sweet. She's a doll. Love it. And love your decor too. Where'd ya find that cool acorn?

  2. What a great idea. I would have never thought to have my kids do something like that. Bravo. And I love the pics... especially the "swan." Very cool.

  3. LOVE it. Wish we lived close so I could buy some gourds. You are cute momma!

  4. Loved this. Wish we lived close enough so we could purchase come gourds. Love ya.

  5. How fun for your kids...such a fun fall activity. I was tickled that the kids got so into attracting customers...

    Those gourds are just Gourd-gous !


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