5T - a birthday

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Blair,

You're another year older and have hit the big milestone - 5 years!

Time has flown. You're pudgy baby face features have changed and I can tell you are nearing the end of the toddler years. It's bittersweet for me.

I love it when I pretend to cry about you getting all grown up and you take my face in your hands and tell me, "It's ok momma, I'm still your baby but I need to get big." You do need to get big. Get big and do all of the fun things you are meant to do.

But for now I want you to play and sing like a little girl. I want you to continue to be my buddy and accompany me all over. I want you to ask me to paint your nails and do your hair and then you do mine...and Trae's. I want you to continue to be a chatterbox and tell jokes that don't make sense. I want you to continue to be you your whole life.

You have been such a pleasure to raise thus far. One of my favorite things about you is that you are a thankful child. Whether it's a small gift, a trip to the grocery store or a ride down the slide at the park, you act like it's Christmas and thank everyone for making your day.
That will get you far in life.

You are my favorite 5 year-old.

I love you,


  1. She is such a beautiful child.

  2. What a sweet and thoughtful post for such a beautiful little Princess...Happy 5th Birthday !!!


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