Ignoring you - my bad

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mom working on the computer.

One red marker.

A two year-old boy.

A blank canvas of a couch.



  1. That right there is my worst nightmare! I hope it comes clean.

  2. OH,NO ! The only thing worse is if they get a hold of markers and doodle on each other.

    My granddaughter came home with a purple butterfly "Tattoo" on her ankle in permanent marker that one of her classmates had doodled on her. Several girls in the class got them...where the heck was the teacher when this was happening ? Crazy !

  3. Hi Ya' Girl,

    Just had to drop in and catch up with your latest hap's. Too funny about baby boy, red marker, couch-I'm with Michelle, hoping it came out.
    Seems that you have been having a fantastic time of it lately; love the family pictures, so real and just wanna hug 'em!
    Have a great evening!

  4. OH, I can't even imagine what damage a tornado....I mean two year old can do with a red marker. I'm almost afraid for you.
    Did you take a picture?
    He's so stinkin' cute I can't imagine it!

  5. Not sure if it will work on your couch, but I used hand sanitizer to clean permanent marker off my dry erase board. It worked. A bloggy friend used it to clean off pen from her couch. It worked. Good luck.


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