Fun to be 5

Monday, November 1, 2010

For Blair's birthday we had our usual family dinner, which consisted of the birthday girl's favorite food, and opened some presents. As requested, the Disney princesses was the theme. When I asked her to get ready for the day, she came out of the room all dolled up in her dress-up clothes complete with lip gloss and clip-on earrings.

Earlier that day I had to take Belen to the Orthodontist which is an hour away. The kids look forward to the trip because that means a stop at Chik-Fil-A on the way back. I enjoy that part too. I also made a pit stop at Pier One where the salesclerk commented that she had on her Halloween costume already. Blair shyly replied, "No, it's just my birthday. I'm a princess."

It's fun to be 5.


  1. She is darling!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Princess!!

  2. So sweet...glad she had a good birthday !

  3. The cutest princess I've ever seen. Glad you had a happy birthday, blair-bear.

  4. awww, Happy belated birthday to your little sweetheart. Clip-on earrings on little princesses are the cutest! Thanks for sharing the birthday fun :)



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