My history of running and a new blog

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jon along the route. Picture by Alan Campbell

So we ran a 5K on Saturday. Our first ever. It was the Amish Country Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon/5K.
We're already looking to the next and have set goals to make better time.

There was a gentleman who was about 80 years-old that I could not catch. He was not far ahead of me but no matter how I tried, I could not close the gap. He was my inspiration. Picking him out of the crowd was easy as he wore bright orange hunting gloves.

You see, I am not a runner. I played tennis and basketball during school years , which involved running, but I never set out to run distance. I ran with my college roommate a bit also. I had to run two steps to her one because of her 6 foot frame and long legs. She looked fabulous as she glided along the track.

Jon is a runner although I don't think he started out in love with it either. He gets in about 6 miles a day now. In the Army he was used to running and got me going with him. It seemed easier when we could run along the ocean in California. Time was forgotten as you breathed in the sea air. Jon was always encouraging me to keep up the pace and had words of praise when I would push to finish. And on Saturday, he met me as I was in the home stretch and cheered me on the same way. That made me so happy.

I remembered one day I felt winded and a little weak as we jogged. Jon encouraged me to keep going but I just couldn't. The fog rolled in on Monterey Bay and we slowed to a walk and talked. This happened with each attempt. After a few weeks and one trip to the Dr. later, we found out our first baby was on the way. That was a good reason to be sidelined.
That baby was now home tending to the others for us.

I have quickly become addicted to the invigorating feeling that a run gives. I hope to keep it up and one day, as a spry 80 year-old, I'll beat out those little 40 year-old kids.
What is your form of exercise? Anyone like to run?
Any advice on how to keep the motivation to exercise?

Now about the new blog...
I have been really fortunate lately and have had steady business with photography. Each time I feel a little stronger in my ability. Thank you for trusting me!

The website is taking a little longer to finish than I thought so I decided to at least do the blog portion of it rather than post the session reviews here. So, if you're interested in seeing recent work, you can head over to

Once the main site is finished, I'll merge the two for one cohesive look.



  1. Just a hint: If you make your blog post titles "Elizabethtown, PA Family Photogrpher" or something like that, it will pop up ojn top when someone uses Google to search those terms. I know, it sounds pretentious to write that as the title, but it really works to drive clients to yuor site!

    Gorgeous pictures! We need you to take ours this year!

  2. How exciting to have a new and thriving business...wonderful !

    As for exercise, I walk...running is not an option because I don't enjoy it and neither do my joints and then there's the fact that I grew up in California...we ride or drive whenever possible !

  3. i didn't realize your just across the river from me....small world.....i live on the west side of York i have family in millersville area

  4. I have the same feelings about running... never enjoyed it before, but now I look forward to it. Weird, but wonderful! I just did 3.5 on the treadmill today. My first run since the 5K and it felt great!

    LOVE all the pics on the new blog... you do have a special way of capturing the love between the family members. You're so talented Laura. :)

  5. I've been running at least 2 miles/cardio workout (unless I'm swimming) since college...that's nearly 12 yrs. Yet, I still don't consider myself a runner. What makes one a "runner?" Nate thinks it's the short shorts. :-) If you look at my race pic with all the peeps just taking off, the "winners" are all in itty-bitty shorts. I think he's right. :-)
    I'm now doing fast circuit training to try and get me my cardio w/out having to use the danged hip.
    Here's to exercice!


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