Another installment of garage thrifting

Friday, December 3, 2010

Or should I say storage unit thrifting?
It's a long story but we have a storage unit full of personal belongings and antiques of my mom's and maybe some overflow of ours...

A few weekend's ago we moved those items into a smaller unit. It was an all day event. I did bring back a few bins of things that I wanted to go through a little more closely. And I wanted to bring out my Christmas china that we enjoy using the day after Thanksgiving and all the way to New Year's day.
It's something that my kids look forward to, believe it or not. Funny what traditions that the kids will enjoy and remember.

So, here are a few items that I thrifted out of my garage.

One of my parent's wedding presents 51 years ago.
Perfect as holiday red.
I remember my mom gave me these 5 stockings that she made even before I got married and had 5 kids. I guess it was serendipitous.

The vintage french pots and carrier. A woman that we met who traveled to Paris on shopping trips hand carried this back from one of her travels about 10 years ago. At the time I thought it was expensive but after seeing them now reproduced in magazines and costing more than I paid, I realize it was a bargain.

The pots I bought separately from a lady in Maine. She bought an old house and barn and found a bunch of french pots stored away in there.
The only thing I found in my house were old paint cans they didn't feel like disposing of before moving...

Paperwhites are going in to each pot.

And this I did get from the 2nd hand furniture place. My husband is wonderfully patient with me on the furniture buying. Mainly I buy props for photos. Our garage looks like a prop house. But these are for me and I bought 2 of them for $6.50 each. The fabric will be recovered but I am still contemplating to paint or not. My first thought was a new color but the more I look at them, I feel their natural state is best - minus the fabric. Any thoughts?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Shopping the unit makes me gitty!
    Isn't it always a treasure hunt?
    I COVET that beautiful red dish.
    How pretty for Christmas...

    I have always wanted to do paperwhites. When will I rememeber to plant them in time?

    The chair is cool. While I love to leave some things in the natural state.. my vote for this would be to paint it. It would make each curve "pop" out more.
    ~ Just my opinion.

  2. I love love love the red dish!!!
    What a beautiful piece.

    I want to see a picture of your china that you use!

  3. I love the natural wood and I have been dying to find red glassware. I've been scouting it out, but it is still pretty expensive when you find it. Arghhh.


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