"Hold on, I gotta get a picture of this"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

is a familiar phrase that the kids hear me say.
When I asked Blair to get ready for the day, she raced to her room and came out donning this outfit. I can always count on her to dress to the nines. I called her look "Office Manager Chic."

Trae, on the other hand, was jumping on my bed with a diaper on his head. It's not uncommon for him to try to take off his pants when he goes outside. I asked if he was going to wear that when we go to the store and he said, "No mommy, I wear pants. Pants manger sheet." (Pants Manager chic)

So now he is the Pants Manager, thank goodness.
Our neighbors will be so happy that his streaking season is over.


  1. Enjoyed your blog! It brought back a lot of good memories for me. I had a a daughter that would dress several times a day trying on new outfits....I think she still does:) Thanks for sharing! Melody

  2. Oh my goodness! They are FUNNY.

    Hopefully the pants manager is a good manager and not some unruly beast.

  3. What cuties! I love getting the pictures of kids at their goofiest. I love looking back at your memories. Times flies. Enjoy. :)


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