Holiday charm

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just like the fall parade, it has become a family tradition to attend our small town's Christmas parade and welcome Santa to his little house on the square. It's just a good, old fashioned community get-together. There's even free hot chocolate which was nice to warm the toes. It turned out to be a little chilly but that made it feel more authentic I guess.

Belen wasn't there this year because of basketball commitments so we missed her being with us. The other kids enjoyed seeing all of the lights, their friends and some new additions to the parade.

Candy was tossed from the floats which the kids really liked. People also worked the crowd handing out candy so no one was missed. Blair held up her "Darrenkamp's" bag, our favorite locally owned grocery store, to Mr. Darrenkamp when he walked by us. When he saw her, he exclaimed that she gets extra treats because she was carrying the right bag. That made for a happy 5 year old! It made for a happy me too when I needed a midnight snack and ate some pretzels.
Rounding out the parade of course was the arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus in a horse drawn sleigh.
(Unfortunately the video I shot of that wasn't downloading properly but here are a few pics.)

I hope you get to enjoy Christmas and holiday parades wherever you are!

All bundled.

Passing by

Reese and Charley and the Darrenkamp's truck.

My friend Ryan, aka Buddy the Elf.
I would've never recognized him until he said my name.
Good thing I had the camera ready

He was on "Deal or No Deal" once by the way, but didn't dress as an elf then.
School bus representing.
The End.


  1. That looks so fun and homey! It does look cold. I love the pictures of the kids, they look like they are having so much fun.
    What a fun tradition for christmas!!!

  2. Sad we missed it. Looks like a lovely evening!

  3. Burrry - haha. It was cold and is a fun tradition!
    Sorry you couldn't make it Amber but you were in more beautiful lights!


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