A little kitchen demo and vintage ornaments

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We interrupt this Christmas house to bring you an episode of this demo house.
Because Jon has taken a few days off, we decided to finish taking out the kitchen cupboards and install some backerboard. We're finishing up hanging the rest today.
But we're not done yet. We are going to find out if a wall we want to remove is load bearing. If it's not, it's outta here and then there will be no more demo. But we'll wait to do that after Friday night since I need it all cleaned up to make tamales. Oh yes, the Christmas Eve tradition lives!

But on to more Christmas-y things...Vintage ornaments.

Most of the ornaments dating to the 50's and 60's were brightly colored, hence their name Shiny Brights. They are more thin and delicate but the shapes and colors were always and still are rather appealing.

This is one of my favorite finds. He was in a huge box of vintage Christmas ornaments that I bought for $10.00 at a Thrift shop. I usually kept him separate from the tree and in a glass cloche, but this year I clipped him on and you'll never guess what?! His tail feathers pop out. I didn't know that before. This whole time I thought he had a broken tail. I was very excited - those little surprises really make my day.

The price tag fell off but it was originally .59 cents back in the day.

Shapes and colors of shiny brights denote the Sputnik era. I keep most of them in glass jars and up on the shelf because I know that Trae will test them to see if they bounce. There have been only 2 ornament casualties this year. Neither of them bounced...

Some vintage ornaments have interesting clues to their history. I'm not sure if this is homemade but these bells have Plaster of Paris on the underside, molded with Chinese newspaper and covered in aluminum foil which is half painted red. I think the beads are mercury glass. I found it in a little shop in Maryland and thought it was just right.

The quirky nature of the German and Japanese ornaments always catch my eye. They just remind me of a fun, colorful Christmas. I still need to repair Mrs. Snowman - she seems to have melted...

Look no further than your local thrift shop for these types of ornaments. I have seen bunches of them this year. If you can't find them there, go to your local antique mall. Dealers always have them individually priced in dishes and bowls. It depends on the area in which you live I guess but I have never paid over $2.00 for any of them individually. So hopefully you can find some in that range.

See you tomorrow and have a great day!

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