I'm Baaack

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey ladies, and the 3 gents that read this...
Sorry for my absence but do you know what it's like for a blogger to be without her computer??
It's like the yin without the yang, Sonny without Cher, a warm chocolate chip cookie without a glass of cold milk, being at the mall without cash, a teen-ager without a cell phone...

Without a computer, I actually had to look up words in the dictionary, the kind with pages and a binding, if I wanted to know a meaning.

It's not so bad being without a computer but it sure is hard when I like to blog.

Thanks John B. for trying to fix the desktop. It served me well for 6 years and outlasted 3 laptops. But, it finally bit the dust and is now in computer heaven or will be making its way to the recycling center.

Happily, I have ordered another computer and it should be here next week so I can resume blogging and catch up on all of your lives. I have missed you my friends.

I've got some stories to tell too.
Remind me to tell you about my wine tasting party when I was 7.


Eight already

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Reese,

Eight is a big deal in our world.

It's the age of accountability; it's when you start Cub Scouts and the age when you get to be baptized. I notice that it is also the time you have begun to outgrow some of the toys you once begged for. Now you look forward to getting to a higher level on your DS Transformer game, the chapter books you are reading are a little more advanced and you said you want "a new look."

Where you used to cling to my leg and would only take a few steps from me, you now take off like a rocket with the neighborhood friends and run all over playing freely. You made me giggle on Sunday when you said you need to start wearing ties and cool jackets because you're 8 now.
I think we can make that happen.

But, you still hold my hand on our walk home from school and you still ask me to tuck you in at night. You ask for your big, stuffed dog when you go to sleep and you like to lie next to me to read. You always say "I love you" and kiss my cheek before you head out the door and you still let me give you airplane rides, so that is good.
Your moon walk makes me laugh and your creativity keeps me in awe.

It warmed my heart the other day when you ran out the door and forgot to kiss me good-bye so you waved and blew me a kiss in front of the neighbor boys. One said, "Ree-eese!" as if he were scolding you and you looked at him and said "What??" like, doesn't-every-boy-do-that? And then as you continued on with your walk, you turned and smiled at me as if you knew I would be beaming. I was - just like the day you were born.

I know your mind is not always at rest and you don't understand why things are the way they are for you. I don't either. But I do know this: I love you. Your dad loves you and so do your sisters and brother. You come from a long line of love on each side of the family and each of us only wants the best for the other. Most importantly, you come from an Eternal heritage and your Heavenly Father wants you to succeed. He will always help you, and me too.

You sometimes say that you are the middle child, it is true, and you may not think that's so great.
But how great it is to be central in our love!

Happy birthday Reesie cup!

Love, Momma.

The difference between boys and girls

Friday, February 5, 2010

As I was putting Blair and Trae into the shower, Blair stated,"Trae has a tail."
Laughing, I said, "He does?"
Trae just stared at her knowing she was talking about him
and she said, "Yeah, he has a tail and I just have a flipper."
"Boys have tails and girls have flippers, mom."
"Thanks for the lesson." I replied.
"No problem, mom."
4 year olds - funny stuff.