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Monday, January 3, 2011

*Images from Veranda

When I was five I made a clay leaf in Kindergarten. I remember so vividly going out to the school yard and searching for the perfect leaf. I guess nothing has changed that way.

I wanted to mix my own paint color and came up with a pretty shade of pink. I can still remember taking it home and seeing my mom's reaction. She was genuinely thrilled with the finished product and quickly got a plate hanger and displayed it for all to see. It stayed on our wall until we had all grown and the house was sold.

Yesterday I read an interesting article on Gloria Vanderbilt. She was born into privilege in 1924 and her father died when she was an infant. Feeling that her mother was an unfit parent, Gloria's aunt sued for custody in 1934 and Gloria became a ward of her aunt. Although she was raised in mansions and estates, Gloria never felt welcome there because it just wasn't home to her.

Because of that feeling, she wanted to create a home where her family felt comfortable, where she "had control of her surroundings." Long before it became chic, Gloria repurposed items to use in her home. During WWII when her 1st husband was stationed at Ft. Riley, KS, she painted the crates they used as nightstands a high-gloss white. She also used barrels painted green to support the table top for a dining table.

She lost millions when she was the victim of an embezzling scheme and subsequently, got in trouble with the IRS. When the government seized her safety deposit boxes, thinking they held valuables like diamonds, the only valuables they found were cards and drawings done by her children.

Her son, Stan Stokowski, said that is what she values most.


I've always felt that children can produce the most amazing art - vivid and chock-full of creativity. Displaying it in your home makes them feel so happy and in turn, your home looks happy too.

1. Reese's sailboat. Who wouldn't love something named "The Brute?"

2. Belen's "Sahara" picture. The medium was chalk and it was displayed at the mall's exhibit on Hilton Head Island.

3. Charley's clay, the state of South Carolina. 6. Details of the lighthouse.

4. Reese's recent artwork, the "stained glass" drawing.

5. My kindergarten handprint.

How do you/did you display children's art?


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  1. I've framed them and put them on the wall for art. One of my favs was a pic Todd made with his handprints and fingerpaints. We had it up in our bathroom for decor in our shared bathroom in PA.

  2. Cute stuff. So far we just hang up the artwork on the fridge. I'm thinking of starting a book for all of my daughter's artwork.

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  4. We hang my 3-yr-olds paintings in the dining for all to see, but yesterday I walked into his bedroom and found a cut-out drawing of a monster taped to his wall. So cute that he displayed it for himself to see! I love framing his drawings, too.

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