A little HomeGoods every now and then

Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Saturday called for a HomeGoods trip. Do you have a store near you? When I lived down South, there was a HomeGoods about 5 miles from my house, now it's 56 miles but when it comes to that store, coupled with good company, funny conversations and good food, it's never too far.

I was looking for some mirrors and pillows but didn't find exactly what I needed. That just means another trip in about a month or two. Their inventory changes quickly so I'm sure there will be something next time.

I did buy some baskets, fancy shmancy dish soap and a shower curtain. And since Marshall's is right next door to the store, I also came home with some clothes and accessories for the kids.

I had already paid for my purchases when I spotted this urn/vase. I put it in my cart just to think about it. Do you do that too? I'll put items in my cart, continue shopping and then end up editing my purchases. But I knew if I didn't get it, I would wish that I had. I've never seen one like it so I think it'll add interest to a room. I still have to figure out where it will go though. For now it's just sitting all by its lonesome.

It was a fun and funky purchase. Even better was the clearance price - just $18.00 marked down from $49.99. I wish I had another.

So for you lucky people who live in closer proximity to HG, have fun on your next shopping trip!

Maybe it's good that I don't live closer after all.


  1. aaah! What a beautiful piece...and price!

  2. There really is NOTHING better than a trip to HomeGoods! Looks like you scored some great stuff. Yay!

  3. I love the new look of the website!

  4. Ours is 10 miles away. And I generally don't go in that direction. Haha. But I do like the store.

  5. I still have yet to go to Homegoods. I think I could try to get Andrew to go with me but I think he would die of boredom or hold it against me for the rest of our lives.

    Love the urn! Such great lines!

  6. Carrie - I'm planning on going next month or so. Come along and we'll give Andrew a day with Ravenna!

  7. Wonderful have good taste !I just love our Home Goods store, which I found just by chance a few years ago. I have some really nice, unique dishes and decorating items from there. When people see them, they always ask "Where did you get this ?" So fun to shop there and find lovely things for our home !


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