Winter birth

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Charley,

You were ready for the world and we had a 40 minute drive. There was no stopping you so I just had to hold on for the ride. That was to be the way of life with you these 14 years, us holding on while you were ready for anything, willing to try and confident that life would be fun.

Looking down at your big brown eyes that chilly morning in Texas, I knew I was staring at the sweetest girl there could ever be. You were so trusting and quiet, so happy and content. You were such an easy baby who grew into a happy toddler, a respectful child and now a blithely teen. I can only imagine what an outstanding adult you will someday be.

Even at age 5, you were not afraid to be heard and ask questions; where an item was in a store, how much it was, or suggesting to your elementary school principal if you could "try things a different way"...and I'd watch and let you, knowing that you would learn to speak up for yourself. I knew that once they heard you, they'd see what I already knew, a girl whose heart is in the right place, who stands with those that need extra care and isn't afraid. One who is friends with every crowd and is able to see parts of their heart that may be hidden from others.

Everywhere we go it is your hair color and uncommon name by which you are recognized. But after a while those things aren't as important because it is your charitable soul which leaves the indelible mark.

Happy Birthday my sweet.



  1. What amazing gifts and traits to be had. Happy Birthday Charley!!


  2. and the most perfect peaches and cream complexion ever. Man I would give my right arm for skin like that.

  3. Thanks Ellen!

    And thanks Mary - it really is!

  4. What a sweet post...your children are adorable and your daughter is blossoming into a real beauty !

    Have a wonderful Happy Birthday Charley !!!


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