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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I was reading that one of this year's new thing to watch for in design trends is natural, sculptural materials like driftwood.

Honestly, I don't think driftwood ever went out. Maybe because I grew up near the Oregon coast and saw that it was always used in design in everyone's houses or store fronts there.

Every summer we would drag a bunch of pieces home from the coast. I remember heading out to the beach in winter just to pick some up for something my mom wanted to make. Many of her entries into the Clark County Fair were made of driftwood and always placed. She even had me enter one time when I was about 8 years old. I didn't even know what I was doing. I just used a piece of driftwood, succulents, moss and small, matte ceramic seagull picks and stuck it all together. Imagine our surprise when I took home a red ribbon. I'm guessing the criteria was pretty loose.

We always had driftwood around the house. Its beautiful color complimented the colorful interiors of my parent's house. Now it's becoming increasingly difficult to find given that many of our ocean fronts are being sold to private property owners. In Oregon there are still large public beach fronts where you can still find driftwood. They even let you camp on the beach and build bon fires. If you live there, lucky you! It truly is one of the most spectacular and romantic shore lines ever.

Cannon Beach, OR
photo source unknown

I have one piece that I found when we lived on the South Carolina shore. I always scouted the beach to find some but there isn't much driftwood there so when I found it, I promptly stuck it in my bag and it's been sitting on my hutch ever since. I wish I were home and could go fill up the trunk of the car. But instead I'm going to call my brother and see if he'll send me a box of small pieces. I want to try to make a mirror like this.
What kind of natural elements do you like?

**Still playing catch-up on the birthday and vintage valentine's posts - next week.


  1. Pretty can't wait to see it when your done.. but that looks likes it's going to take a lot of driftwood.

  2. I totally love that! I wouldn't have thought of something so clever.

    I like pinecones, we have a few of those around here.

  3. You have the best memories!! What fun it must have been to be so close to the ocean front there... sigh...
    Love the project - it's going to be beautiful I know. My favorite element right now is grapevine. I have contained myself, but it really is easy to use in many ways.

    Have a great day!


  4. There was a lot of driftwood and sand dollars on the beaches of Southern California when I was growing up. We used to use them to build sand castles. I remember a lot of coffee tables made of huge pieces of driftwood too. I agree, driftwood has never gone out of style !


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