A handmade product review of sorts

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A friend of mine, Carrie, wanted to make handmade gifts and one of the things she taught herself was to make monogrammed dish washing cloths. I saw them while I was over at her house and thought they were so clever. I love monograms and anything to do with typography in general so I had to have some. How cute would a set of 7 with the initial of each day of the week be?

Photo taken from Carrie's blog here

I commissioned her to make one that would remind me of Spring as I am craving those pops of color that peek out after a long, cold winter. With the thought of daffodils as inspiration, she whipped up a nice yellow "M." She's working on an "L" along with another, longer dishcloth. As I was making dinner and cleaning up last night, I kept using it which made me happy. It brought in a little life to an otherwise frosty day.

If you'd like your own dishcloth, just e-mail me and I'll get you the information. Or you can head over to Carrie's and chat with her.

Handmade is happy

Have a great Tuesday. For us it's Snowday!
Coming up this week:
Wednesday quotes, vintage Valentines or handmade lampshade,
and climbing a mountain story (literally)


  1. Enjoy your "snow day". We're having a "freeze" day here. No schools.

    Those are totally cute washclothes.
    It would make doing dishes a bit more bearable wouldn't it?

  2. How adorable is that?! What a great friend you are to promote such an ingenious idea. So very like you Sweet Girl! Hope you're warm and well, talk with you soon.



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