Items repurposed and a picture

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last month as I was doing a little "garage thrifting" aka, going through boxes that I had forgotten about, I came across a few things like this. I thought I would use the dish for spare change or jewelry and I chose the latter since we already have a spare change dish.

It's been nice to see my pins out rather than tucked away in boxes and has made me actually wear them a lot more. Most of them are from the 50's and 60's, either given to me or purchased at the flea market. There are a few sellers at the one I like to frequent with good collections and decent prices.

The deco handkerchief display was something that I really wanted to keep but it was rather large and I had no place for it. Not wanting to part with it, I decided to use it for its intended purpose as a display piece but in the same vein as the dish: jewelry display.
It now drapes like a willow tree. Even the mister liked it which I appreciated.
And for the smaller items that I don't keep in the main jewelry box, I still use my trusty re-purposed heart from Valentine's day.

And for kicks, this is my Kindergarten picture. I remember just before I was leaving to walk down our long country drive-way to the bus, my mom pinned on the little blue pin. It's barely visible in the first picture, tucked under the pink dogwood.

(She also cut my long, red hair the night before this picture after I begged her to give me Shirley Temple locks but that's another story.)

Now Blair wears the pin on occasion and so it continues...

Have a good day-
Spring is just around the corner!


  1. I love your pins. They remind me of my Mothers jewelry box of which I was able to get a few pieces from her - when I was a little "older" ;)) You certainly were an adorable little girl, hair cut and all.

    Have a great day Girl.


  2. I love your cute little picture!

    Your jewelry rocks.
    Good use for some stuff. I started hanging my necklaces on a thingy, now I remember to wear them more.

  3. love the pins :) such a nice collection and what a great idea for the Valentine box.

  4. I love it when items have a story to go with them. We sure like the same things. An old book is like a magnet to me and your pin and its story are so sweet.

  5. We must be kindred spirits...I have also used a Dove heart shaped box for my costume jewelry. I love pins too...very sweet story !


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