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Friday, February 11, 2011

I think it's pretty clear by now that you know I love vintage items and ephemera is up on the list. Valentines, calling cards and old letters are in my arsenal of crafting and decorative supplies. I've been collecting them since I was a teen-ager but only buying a few here and there if they are highly decorative or if I can't resist that sweet factor they have.

There is just something about them - maybe it's the way they're written, use of materials, colors or just the all around old-fashioned goodness, I think make the perfect current valentine.

Years ago people thought I was crazy when I would send out vintage valentines. They just didn't get it, asking if I couldn't afford new ones? That made me laugh. Yes, I could afford a $2.99 pack of standard foil cards and in a pinch, I have. But my preference is hunting for the old ones and re-working them.

They are not hard to find. Just go to any antique shop, antique mall or flea market. They are usually priced individually but everytime I go to buy them, the seller looks at the stack in my hand and just gives me a price, which is always better.

Some of the collection:

Can you see the writing from a soldier to his sweetheart?

"You and I soon I hope."

WWII French Valentine postcard

"Love & Kisses, your hubby. 1944"

Yay for dating it - my mom taught me to put the date on everything because she said you always think you'll remember, but you won't.

Ribbon details

Old postcards are a great thing to use when constructing your own Valentines. They can be less expensive than the old cards and are in abundance at antique shops and flea markets.

They are usually dated and postmarked making it easy to identify the age.
Calling cards from the 1890's - 1940's; small works of art

Some of my favorites are those with an envelope. I don't find these too often. It's a good place to stash your own love notes.

Another postcard.

Although it's not as colorful or artistic as the others,

it's the secret admirer, not creepy stalker note, on the back that caught my attention.
I mean, I don't think a stalker would say "Ta Ta."

This girl was ahead of her time by sending a boy a love note in 1914.

Cute school boy card.
On the back and written in cursive it says, "From Ned."

Ned had good taste in cards.

I bought this little cup to recreate which will hold some special treats for the kids come Monday.

As you can see, my little guy is already eyeing it.

So what about you? I can't be the only lover of vintage cards out there.

Any guesses on my most favorite?


  1. Those are some of the best card ever. Boy they knew what they were doing back then. Cards had so much love put into all the little details. Now I want to find my sweet Mr. an old Valentine card. The new ones just don't do it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection :)

  2. I've never found any, but I love looking at them.
    Those are so precious. I love the handwriting on them!

  3. Well I don't know about you, but my favorite is the "Forget Me Not" :)
    Saw you on the Monday Blog Hop and so I'm following along!

  4. I love vintage cards for any occasion. Thanks for sharing the cute ones you came across.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I am following back.
    I love these cards and how awesome that they date so far back!

  6. I love vintage cards. We found a few years ago that my in-laws wrote to each other during WWII, also love letters. They are the best !!!

  7. Love, love vintage valentines - I collect vintage cards, too! I'm a new follower... Come visit at

  8. Wow, I am now your newest follower from The Things We Find Inside,blog hop. And when I see vintage valentines I love them. Bet you have fun with those. Hope you will come follow as well.
    Happy Valentines


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