Personal cakes and my Valentine

Monday, February 14, 2011

This morning I awoke to a card and a love note on my pillow from my husband. I am always surprised how he is able to write just a few sentences and make them so poetic. It is one of his gifts.
He has done the same for the kids, not just on Feb 14, and I take the notes and tuck them away because I know that one day it will make them happy to read them over and over and will be reminded how much they are loved.

Some of my favorite Valentine's gifts from him was an antique box filled with potpourri and a sweet love note tucked inside. Another was a big basket full of apples and chocolate covered strawberries with rose petals tossed about the basket.

Other than a sweet note and treats, we really don't do much else. We have 364 other days of the year to appreciate each other, as well as the kids, but it's fun to make things so I am pulling out the Bosch to make personal Valentine cakes from scratch.

I am also using the small cake molds that make any cake look instantly cute by their floral shape. Some will be frosted with a simple chocolate glaze and others will get a dusting of powdered sugar and sprinkles of course.

One thing I received today and had to show is a necklace fashioned by Blair. She took an old locket out of my jewelry box and placed a picture of herself holding a Valentine inside and put it on a green string. Too cute.

Have a happy day everyone! Any fun plans?


  1. Oh Laura Lynn, that locket re-do is so precious...hope you have a very romantic Valentines Day !!!

  2. Forgot to tell you are fun plans for tonight. My Hubs is taking me to dinner and a show "A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline" Already nearly finished the Red Heart Boxed See's Candy he gave me !!!

  3. What a thoughtful husband you have. How generous he is toward his children as well. That is what I would call a living example for his children. How awesome for you all. Love the locket and love even more the picture in it, priceless. Happy V-day!!


  4. What a sweet tradition your husband has. I recently saw on another blog some letters in a cloche like that...

  5. Oh that locket is so cute!! Sounds like your husband did good :)

  6. Oh that locket would have me in puddles! And the hubs did good!

  7. He sounds like a wonderful hubs and dad!
    I totally love the locket. That is priceless!


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