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Friday, February 18, 2011

Today as I was doing a little cabinet reorganization, I pulled out all of my platters. There was a time when I never had enough serving pieces which resulted in me setting the table with cooking pans that were functional but not pretty. Some handles were loose and lids didn't fit. I don't like the look of pots and pans on the table. It's just too chaotic with handles sticking out every which way.

So I decided to get some more platters and got hooked on them. I put everything on 'em, from simple cinnamon toast for the kids to a heap of Chicken fettuccine Alfredo. Everything looks better on a platter.

It takes a little more work on my part to wash a few more dishes but it's worth the extra effort to make an otherwise ordinary meal a little less so.

Everytime I take them to a function of some sort, I am asked where I got them. So in case you're interested, I have all that info. You'd be surprised at some of the deals.

1. Lenox Butler's Pantry large rectangular platter- gift
(This line is a little spendy so it's taken me a while to gather.)

2. White, modern, clean lines, Wal-Mart - $9.00

3. Vintage, antique shop - $20.00 (It was a bit overpriced but I really wanted it.)

Good price, nice size.

All purchased from the thrift shop

Ironstone platters

1. .99 cents

2. $1.99

3. $3.99

4. Large wicker tray - $1.99

When I spied these large, heavy and insanely priced platters at the thrift store,

I immediately thought of this movie scene and inserted the words " a perfectly good white platter" haha...

Two of each

1. Lenox Butler's Pantry, dept. store
(I think this is the small platter and has since been redesigned.
It is also more expensive now go figure..)
In 2005, they were $40.00.

2. Marshall's - $7.99

3. Salvation Army thrift store - $2.99

As you can tell, I'm not opposed to looking at the thrift shop before I head to the department store or other retail store. I've had a little luck with it. So try that route first if you are in the market for some new platters and enjoy!


  1. Too funny is the video! Loving the platter collection too. What won't us Girls collect! I've got a little collection on display today over on my blog along with a shout out to you on there too ;)) You have been such a great friend to me, I just had to sing your praises.

    Have a great day,

  2. I am kind of a dish and serving piece freak so this post was wonderful to behold...very pretty collection you have !

    I have many nice dishes, serving bowls and platters that I have also gotten as gifts, at good sales and cast outs from my family. My most treasured piece is a celery serving dish, white with green patterned transfer ware that my Hubs Grandma used to always use for a variety of foods or side dishes every day.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. When we got married I made sure to register for lots of nice serving pieces because I basically already had everything else. We hit the jackpot! I love your platters, especially the deals! Have you ever been to Home Goods? It's an awesome discounted housewares store. They have it back in Texas but I'm not sure about here.

  4. Christie!

    That's awesome that you have so many serving pieces - never too many.
    Homegoods is my fave! We go to the one in Downingtown or there abouts - an hour away. It's a pretty nice one too. Did you ever go to Garden Ridge in TX?

  5. You are right!
    Those platters are darling and worth having.

    I am so limited in cupboard space that I tend NOT to get things I might enjoy.

    I will have to start checking out the thrift shops.
    I bet your tablescapes are always pretty.


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