Road trip fun

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'll be blogging intermittently from the road for the next little while. We're enjoying a little time away as a family. We're breaking up a long road trip by staying in Gatlinburg, TN. for a few days up in the Smokey mountains. I think it is a well-kept secret. What a beautiful little town with friendly people.

Right now I am sitting in a warm and cozy cabin. The fire is crackling and my dog is curled up on the couch. She was out of sorts for a few days but has claimed a comfy spot so all is right in her world again.

Jon and the kids are in the hot tub relaxing their sore muscles after a day of skiing and snowboarding. I think Blair is hooked. She did a great job and only skied with Jon once. The rest of the time she went down the hill all by herself, beaming from ear to ear. Her instructor said she was the most mature 5 year-old she has ever taught. That made me more happy than her ability to ski.

While they were out, Trae and I enjoyed a day at the aquarium. He bought a toy laser gun and "shot" at the fish and got up close and personal to some penguins.

Today we are heading out to explore a few more places and then we'll be on the road tomorrow. We're exchanging ski gear for swim gear as we head into the Lone Star state to visit Jon's parents and hopefully I'll get to see my mom's family as well. There will be plenty of real Mexican food to enjoy and some real barbecue. It only happens once every couple of years so indulging isn't so bad.

I'll be back soon with scenes from San Antonio and maybe an antique shop or two along the way.

Enjoy the weekend!

*all pictures are SOOC - straight out of the camera


  1. Looks like a great start to your trip!!

  2. That looks like such a beautiful part of the country.
    Great experience for your kids. Nothing better than a hot tub after a day on the slopes.

    Good times.
    Enjoy the snow and the family.

  3. Sound ABSOLUTLY perfect. We miss you when you're not around. Have a blast in TX and EAT extra mexican food for me.

  4. See what happens when I'm MIA on blogland... you're on the road and was here in TN!! ;)) Don't cha just love Gatlinburg? It's one of my most favorite places to go visit. It looks like all of you are having a fabulous time, good for you! Can't wait for your trip updates! Have fun!


  5. Ohhhhh I am so jealous. Have a wonderful time. Cant wait to see the pics..


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