Coffee shops and a thrift store find

Friday, March 25, 2011

Last night Jon and I snuck out for a date to the coffee shop.

We go between a couple of them but when we want to sit down in a quiet area and talk politics or everything else under the sun, we go to the most eclectic place in town. It's in a former old Victorian so there are lots of angular rooms, each with stacks of games and books on tables and old photos on the walls.

We found our usual table in one of the outermost rooms and split a cinnamon roll and brownie while sipping on Chamomile tea.

There was a hot wheels car on each table so we rolled the cars around as we talked. We looked over the wall of post-it notes where you can leave any kind of message you want. I checked to see if ours were still up there from last year. Back then the friendly clerk handed out the notes to us and said in an age where we e-mail, text and call, the written note has been forgotten. So we were to write something down for someone to see and enjoy. My kind of girl.

I mean what kind of place does that? Only quirky ones that's what.
I am drawn to those types of places for some reason and so is Jon. We are from (near to) one of the wierdest cities on earth so that may explain my affinity for an interesting something or another.

So when I'm at the thrift shop, it seems my eye wanders for the quirky and cute, like these little guys. A set of vintage glossy wooden salt and pepper shakers (paid $1.99 at the thrift, saw them on Etsy for $17.50) in one of my favorite colors. Perfect for the spring and summer picnic table.
I can hardly wait!

What types of things are you drawn to? Any particular color?

Have a great weekend - so glad it's Friday!


  1. Hi! I like reading your blogs. Thanks for your comments on mine. Have a great day! Melody

  2. I love those! And what a great find! I can't believe they were on etsy for $17.50. I have found etsy to be good for some things, but it can be extremely over priced on others.


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