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Thursday, March 17, 2011

One thing that I really enjoy when I look at interior spaces is a good mix of vintage and contemporary design. By contemporary, I mean current times. And vintage can be your choice of antique from whatever year or design style that you enjoy.
As long as it's adds character to a room and is something you like, then who cares about "rules."

Nice legs.

Cleared for Craig

Original hardware
Now, I have a lot of different tastes which can be tricky when you don't have the space for it all. It looks a little less thought out and more like Sanford & Son when you try to cram it all in one space.

Which reminds me of the time when I lived in SC and my mom was visiting. We went to the thrift shop and I found an awesome round dinner table but we couldn't get it into my Jeep. We tried every which way and had the chairs sticking out all over. I was tying rope around everything trying to keep it from falling out on the main road. We packed and repacked. Then my mom, who was just 5'2", opened the passenger side door, stepped up so she could see over the car and said, "Why do I suddenly feel like we are Sanford & Son?" To which I busted out laughing. And then every time I tried to rearrange something, I would hum the tune of the show, do a dance and we'd laughed until our sides ached.

Anyway, sorry - I love to remember funny things...

Because our house is small and to keep it from being "home confused" - is it a home or a thrift shop? I have to rotate items and part with some like the dresser pictured which has a huge detached mirror. Although I would love to keep it, there is just no space. Insert sad face moment.

Dressers are not just for clothes anymore either. They are being used as sofa tables and office storage. I think they are even better than sofa tables because you have a place to stash all of the stuff that finds its way onto your couch. Like at my house you can find toys, parts to a game, books, magazines, play make-up, and anything that isn't supposed to be on the couch, on the couch. The list goes on. Right now I have a large ottoman that hides all that but I would love to throw a dresser in the mix - dang that space issue...

So I better quit talking (typing rather) and get this dresser up on Craig and his list before I change my mind.

Have a good day!
***no turning back. Within minutes of posting on Craigslist, the e-mails started coming in.***
****Update: Kent the dresser was sold tonight. It's nice to have some space back!****

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  1. I love that style of furniture...lines that are easy on the eye and very handy and not just to put clothes in.


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