It's good to be home

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm home!
It was a good vacation despite everyone being sick. We all have colds, strep throat or pink eye. Take your pick.

But my kids are not big complainers so they continued on with the fun. Thank heavens for a pediatrician who will call in a prescription cross country for you and a walk-in clinic who accepts your insurance!

I was hoping to keep the illness at bay for myself and Jon but it finally caught up to us. We drove all night to make it home on Friday but a string of bad weather and not feeling well forced us to stop early. We arrived home around 5 pm on Saturday and I found out that I was scheduled to work so I was able to get in a quick nap before I headed in at 10 pm. It made for a long night so I was thankful to meet my nice, warm fluffy bed this morning.

We had many memorable moments, side-splitting laughter and all-around thankfulness for family. Of course, no vacation is complete without a little shopping so I have some treasures to share this week.

I also saw the cutest thing ever that I will be sharing with you. If you have a pet, ever had a pet, are an animal lover or just like seeing something clever, cute and original - it's a MUST see. Stay tuned.

Now I am going to take two aspirin and will call you in the morning.

Have a great Sunday!

Driving in the Smoky Mtns

Took the back roads and missed the traffic jam. Jon recalculated his "internal GPS."

(A joke between us.)

The cabin

Trae and I at the Aquarium while everyone else skied.

(a large fish had just swam by and he was shocked!)

At the trail ride where we all got free hats.

The only evidence I was on the ride.
My horse was the second from the right. Trae rode with me.

Welcome to Texas - entering the Hill country

Got a new necklace

Kids' waffles at the hotel

Funny sign in Johnson city - nearly 3 dozen sold.
(Johnson city is also the home of Lyndon B.)

Saying good-bye to grandpa in Kerrville, TX

Rest stop crazy

pictures sooc - straight out of the camera

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