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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have been to many antique shops and fairs with my mom beginning when I was a very little girl. Over the years I have seen various antiques and vintage items used in interesting displays and repurposed for modern living. While some were probably original ideas, most were inspired by another and improved upon. That is the American way - take an idea and make it better or as Paula Abdul would say "you took the song and made it your own."
While antique shopping in Comfort, Texas, where I bought the little chair that I previously blogged about, the clerk there told me to go to Blackbird Antiques and see the Pugs. "It's really cute," he said and the owner would even let me take pictures. It peaked my interest and since I had planned on stopping by anyway, I made it my next destination. I wondered why he thought the dogs would be so interesting.
When I walked in, I was warmly greeted by Karen, the shop owner. I was immediately drawn to her comfortable store and beautiful antique pieces. Her natural talent for display and decorating quickly caught my attention. As I looked up to say hello, I saw beyond her a bit and my eye landed on the dogs. It stopped me in my tracks and then begged me to go investigate.
It was the cutest and most original thing I had ever seen... A room in the middle of the store all set up for the entertainment of her two Pugs, Molly and Hudson. I found them sitting on their dog beds almost looking like statues. These weren't just any dog beds either. These were vintage and antique pieces all artfully displayed in vignettes. Karen has been collecting salesman sample furniture for a long time and has some beautiful pieces. Their scale fits the dogs perfectly.

She paid attention to every detail and made it so fun to really study the room. In the dog's living room they could relax on the leather couch accented with comfy vintage pillows and quilts and watch t.v.
A trunk decorated with interesting items was being put to use as a coffee table. These dogs lead quite the life. Is this not the sweetest thing?

The beds are hard-to-find salesman samples that have been fitted with custom ticking stripe mattresses and topped with colorful quilts and pillows.
You know what I have been keeping my eye out for since I returned from Texas!
The bedside table is displayed with a vintage toy phone, cap guns, books with cowboy boot bookends, vintage clocks and a lamp. Above Molly's bed hangs her purses and on the floor beside her are cute slippers on a vintage braided rug. In front of the bed is where they park their car, a Volkswagen beetle.

On the other side of their room and closest to Molly were the dressers. Molly's was a beautiful green color with glass knobs and topped with perfume bottles, vintage brushes and other toys. To the right of it you can see a miniature laundry basket filled with dog bones - so clever.

Next to the dresser is Hudson's armoire and their piano. On top of the armoire is a toy slot machine, oil lamp and more toys. Trae enjoyed playing the slot machine among other things. It's a good thing the dogs were friendly and knew how to share. Trae man tried out all of the toys and couldn't get enough of Hudson. I think he had enough of Trae man but was such a patient puppy.

The kids went crazy for the dogs and loved each and every display piece. We talked for days about how they wanted to make a room for our dog this way.

I wonder if Hudson appreciates humans on his couch??

Karen was so gracious to let my children look at every interesting article and play with the dogs. They have been receiving mail from customers who were inspired to create spaces for their dogs and have sent Karen pictures of their finished product.
She displays all of the letters and pictures in the room above the two dressers. Local children like to come visit and send pictures for both Molly and Hudson. With sincere humility, Karen said she had no idea that this would be a hit with customers or that she was starting a trend in antiques for pets. If you are ever in the Texas Hill country, make it a point to visit Karen in her delightful shop. Besides this wonderful display, she really has some great antiques, artisan jewelry, beautiful bedding and more.

So tell your friends, stop by for a visit and give our best to Molly and Hudson!

What are some of your favorite items you see in the pictures? Do tell. I'm sure Karen would love to know!

Blackbird Antiques
509 7th Street
Comfort, Texas 78013


  1. WOW! What lucky dogs. So cute. I will have to make sure that is on our list to visit when we finally make it out to Texas!

  2. Oh how cute is that set up!!! So glad you took lots of pictures to share.

  3. That might possibly be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  4. I just found this on your Pinterest post! So adorable! I have two pugs, a male and female, Tobie and Jerzie. I would love to fix up a room for them similar to this. I'm sure my family would think I was crazy, but being an empty nester has left us with several unused bedroom. Also, I have many antiques and flea market pieces that would work like this. Such great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


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