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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're enjoying the sunny weather here in the Lone Star State.

We arrived just in time to be on the fringe of that bad band of weather in Arkansas. At one point our visibility was just about 2 feet and the wind was blowing the rain sideways. It was like those storms in movies that you think are a little unrealistic. The kind where the person goes out in the storm to check on something they heard and you are thinking, why do they do that?? Like that, only we were driving.

A little scary for 3 am on the interstate in the middle of no where. All was well though.

We've been visiting with Jon's dad and he's taken us out to all kinds of good food including real Mexican food just the way my grandma made. I have not done P90 X all week and I can feel it. I was doing so well too!
But it has been great to see him and we get to see Jon's mom for a few minutes each day. She tires easily so our moments with her are precious. That has been emotional but sweet at the same time.

I'll expound on that as soon as I formulate my thoughts. It needs its own post.

We nixed driving up to Austin to visit other family because 3 kids are sick so we are resting tonight. Tomorrow I'll stop by Comfort, TX which is the greatest antiquing town and see what I find. We did bring a trailer after all! While in Tennessee, I stopped by a flea market and bought a couple of things - a vintage pyrex bowl in sunny yellow, a shop trouble light that I am going to test my rewiring skills on - that should be interesting.

I was stopped about 6 times by men wondering what it was since part of it was visible in my tote bag. They all liked it and said the same thing - I should rewire it and sell it to a garage. One even showed me how easy it would be to fix. Their approval reconfirmed that I knew it was cool. Not that I need anyone's approval but sometimes when people question your taste, you begin to question it -human nature I guess.

That's all for now...I'll be home soon but am still enjoying this 78 degree weather!

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  1. ok, no one looks that beautiful on a road trip! Belen and Charley are seriously gorgeous! Glad you're having a nice time. Happy trails! :)


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