Weekend recap - A class reunion themed party

Monday, March 21, 2011

Last Friday I was helping put together a church party. It may sound like it wouldn't be that exciting but this wasn't going to be just any church get-together, this was going to be loud and fun...this was for adults and the theme was "Class Reunion." When we sent out reminders for it, I made these little hand-outs and upon seeing them, someone said, "You should put these on your blog." It hadn't crossed my mind but since it's late Monday night, a weekend recap is in order.

What's the big deal, right? Just a quickly typed up reminder.

But turn it to the side and you have yourself a graduation cap complete with tassel. I just used a brad, embroidery floss and black cardstock.
A tip: When making invitations and if possible, send out something dimensional rather than flat. It will be better remembered - I guarantee it or my name isn't Laura Montgomery (said pointing to myself.)

I was still deciding on table centerpieces at the 11Th hour. Some of my best inspiration comes at that time for some reason. I had originally planned on making floral arrangements but time was quickly eluding me and when I realized I was short on vases and would have to get more, I nixed that idea. I was thinking of a more casual setting anyway. And easy. And cheap. What to do...

Since the theme was about school, I pulled off the vintage globes and books from my shelves, grabbed a box of new pencils and a stash of 45 records I purchased (with this party in mind) and put them in a box to take with me. On each table we set out a white tablecloth, stacked the books in the center, topped them with pencils, tied balloons that Jaime brought to the 45's and set out tea lights that Debra donated to the cause.

A few weeks prior we had put out a request for submissions of school photos so I was busy getting the last of those. I took every single frame I owned (which surprised me and was slightly embarrassed that there were around 40 - you know I like salon style gallery walls, right??) and framed every one's pictures. My friend and fellow party planner, Panda, suggested placing them across the stage so every one could walk up and see them. Genius.

So with the globes in the middle, we staged all of the pictures and loved looking back at every one's school days. You know...80's and 90's hair, cheesy poses, the 70's look, West coast grunge and mid century cool. This picture was one of the night's favorite photos. We called it "American Graffiti."

During a round of the game "Two truths and a lie" which was a bunch o' fun, we learned that someone got their skis run over by the rapper Coolio, one was in a hilariously named music band, one was the State trombone Band champion in Texas, there was a debate team member, another an ASB President, one a State FHA president, and someone who we know as being outgoing and friendly was terribly shy in high school. Those are just a few examples of the true funny facts about people. We also had a celebrity match game where you had to identify the celebrity in their high school photo which was fabulously put together by another friend. Note: Brad Pitt looks exactly the same.

And after all that we got to eating and dancing to Nate's great playlist for the next few hours. My feet hurt afterward which was just how it should be - evidence of a good time. Either that or maybe wrong shoes... Whatever the case, it was fun and the turn-out was great!

And who says church people don't know how to party???


  1. What a clever party much work but when it a blast and a success it is so wonderful !

  2. Wow! What a BLAST! The invitations are super cute! Did you take any photos of the tables? I would love to see what the centerpieces ended up looking like. Sounds like a very fun night! Way to go!

  3. Looks like a great party for sure. So glad all your hard work paid off!
    Hope you have a great one!

  4. You are just the wise-wizard of...everything! The party was awesome!

  5. Your ideas and the party was brilliant. And I loved that you changed all the photos to black and white. You couldn't tell the era from fading. Tons of people thought Travis was an old guy. Apparently his face is a face reminiscent of the 50's.

  6. Thanks Mary - the B&W photos were a happy accident. That's funny about the picture. I didn't hear that about Travis but can see why now since his picture was the all-american, fresh faced baseball player! Like the good old days of baseball I guess.

  7. Panda, Wize-wizard, ha! More like rack my brain at the last minute! A group effort made the whole night
    though and your ice-breaker game was super fun.

  8. I saw the pics on fb. I was wondering what the activity was for. Lucky you guys. Our ward activities really blow chunks. We need some inspiration because they're B-O-R-I-N-G on a huge scale. Well done, Laura.

  9. That looks like it was a total hit.
    Those ideas are darling!
    I look forward to further pictures.


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