The egg diorama - an Easter/Spring craft

Friday, April 22, 2011

After some drying time, the first two little egg dioramas are complete but they are not so little after all. I plan on hanging them from the light over the dinner table as the Easter centerpiece.

For the supplies I used 7 inch balloons and made a mixture of paste by using one part flour to 5 parts water. I also sprinkled in some salt thinking that may help avoid any mold.

I boiled it to get a nice smooth consistency, like that of Cream of Wheat, and then let it cool a bit. Using book pages and tissue paper, I cut strips and squares and just dipped the paper into the "glue" and pasted it to the balloon, over and over, until it was covered and set it on a jar to dry. It was fun being a 2nd grader again and dipping my hands into paper mache.

After it was dry, I cut an opening which was my favorite part because of the hissing noises the balloon made when it popped and shrunk. Reese and I laughed about that - simple pleasures you know.

I trimmed it with paper as well as glued a decorative paper to the inside (back) of the egg to make it look like wallpaper. The nest was made by adding Easter basket grass and moss. But I felt that it was still a little bland. These are stylish chicks after all so I styled their house with a framed picture and/or wall sconce and a chandelier made from an old earring.

The next one will have to be more masculine so I'm thinking a bachelor pad style birdhouse with sticks and maybe even a velvet Elvis and mini fridge!

By poking a hole through the top and simply twisting a wire to form an "eye," the ribbon could hang easily from it.

And now I sound like Barry, Steve Carell's character in "Dinner for Schmucks.
Oh well, I'm a schmuck who just impressed the heck out of her kids. These were a trial run for me so the kids get to make their own tomorrow. I'm sure theirs will be even better.

Thanks for letting me share and humoring me!

Craft paper scalloped edge and tissue paper ribbon.

Crepe paper Cherry blossoms

Have a great day and an even better Easter weekend!


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  1. That is so stinkin' cute!!!!
    I have seen a lot of various Easter crafts, this one is #1!

  2. Awww..thanks T. You are so sweet.

  3. I think I just died. Coolest Easter craft ever. (but I'm serious.)

  4. These are adorable...I absolutely love the little details like the framed picture!

  5. Oh my goodness I compleatly love them!

  6. I think this is the coolest craft I have ever seen you do and you have some pretty awesome ones. You are literally my crafting hero.


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