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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I met up with some friends at the SalVal's (Salvation Army) Anniversary sale last Saturday- 50% off everything. It was pouring down rain but that didn't stop the crowd.
There was not a single cart to be found so I had to haul this cute little mid-century nightstand across the store. But at only $7.50 it was worth lugging around.

On the way home I decided to go by Saturday's farmers and flea market where I picked up some of the weekend's fresh produce - for just 5 bucks. Gotta love my Amish farmers. I looked around the flea market for a little bit but nothing really interested me there so I headed home.

But THEN, just as I was almost home, I passed a big yard sale at a local business. So, I turned around and went back. Walking up to the first table, nothing really caught my eye until I looked down right next to where I was standing and then a big grin crept upon my face. It was a perma-smile really. I'm actually smiling right now as I type this recalling that moment. Perma smile I tell you.

I saw this vintage laundry basket. It was folded up but I knew what is was since I have been wanting one for a looonnnng time, like years! And then the seller walked up behind me and said it was just FIVE DOLLARS. I about flipped out but I didn't show it. Although, she could probably tell when I happily skipped back to the car not noticing the mud puddle in my path...

If I would have arrived just 5 minutes later and saw someone else holding it in their hands, it would have been an enTIREly different scene. You would've seen a grown woman cry and fling herself on the table, yelling, "Why? Why?" like the infamous Kerrigan knee-clubbing incident of 1994. It would've been ugly.

Thank goodness luck was on my side that day. Thanks luck. I owe you one.

Have you found anything you have been wanting for a while?


  1. I think you are one smart/lucky/awesome girl!

    I love the laundry basket. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Wow. I am totally jealous of all your great finds! We just moved into our new home and I wanted some neat festive pillows for our couch, so I went to Pier 1 Imports and found this smashing pillow for $1.45 (regularly priced at $34.00). But since FOUR buttons fell off, it was almost free. I love good finds!

  3. What cool finds ! I love it that you called the nightstand mid-century...I'm a mid century model myself !

    Recently, I put out my seashell decor in our dining room and have wanted candlesticks to match. Our son got me a set at a yard sale a few months ago.They look perfect with my seascape theme. They have a white antiqued finish on them. Who knew my grown son had such an eye for what I like ?

  4. I'm sooo jealous of your $5 vintage basket...what a deal!!!


  5. I know just how you felt! A laundry basket is on my wish list, too!

  6. Yes, I just found something I want
    that laundry basket! Amazing, amazing! Pottery Barn has one with
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