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Thursday, April 28, 2011

This morning as I was running some errands, I stopped by a store for a brief moment. When I walked up to the cash register I noticed a sign taped to the check-writing platform that said, "Please be patient with me, I am hard of hearing."

I wondered if there were people who had not been patient with her. Obviously there had which prompted the sign or someone anticipated that type of behavior and was taking a preventative measure.

It kind of saddened me. I thought it was a sad commentary on human behavior. We're so busy, rushing here and there and so far into the digital age, have we forgotten how to connect on personal levels?

And then I also wondered what kind of people would not give this sweet, older lady, probably some one's beloved grandma, the benefit of the doubt in this situation? I imagined if those people had a sign to tape up, what would it say?

Which in turn got me thinking about myself and what sign I would have with me, maybe taped to my forehead, for people to read.

Would it be kind? Funny? Would it be insightful to my personality? Would people read it and treat me differently? Would they be sympathetic? Would people say, " that explains a lot."
I think today's would be, "It's the weather. Duh, you think I would intentionally do this to my hair??"

I think we all have stories to tell and maybe some warnings too. Some are good, some bad and some are not necessarily for the masses but if you wanted people to know one thing about you, what would your sign say?


  1. Mine would say, "Due July 4... yes I know my belly is huge, please do not say it out loud."

  2. "Is having a horrid year. Please treat gently."

  3. I love "your sign"

    I think mine would say "this is my costume"


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