Work, play and patching walls.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The other day Spring popped out it's head from the rain soaked earth. It was just for a moment but I didn't let the moment pass. Especially not when I have spring fever and have been dying to get out into the yard.

So we were out playing and cleaning up the back 40. Not really, more like the back 1/2 but it feels like 40 after filling up 8 lawn bags full of sticks and leaves. I also got out the power saw and cut up a large branch that fell in the last heavy wind. It was fun but I was very careful, making sure I didn't amputate anything. This girl is not afraid of power tools.

And since the rain is back for a few more days which I must say, does make for a cozy indoor feeling, I am doing some caulking action on the stairs and am working on patching the oops on the wall of the boys' bedroom.

It's not the most exciting picture in the world but it's proof that the job is coming along. I placed a mesh patch over the top of the hole, troweled on some compound and let it dry. Easy easy. The hardest part is painting over it with a satin finish paint. Satin doesn't let you blend in very well like a semi-gloss but it's the only thing I use on 35 year-old walls. After it dries I'll go over it again to touch up and feather it out a little. And then the art wall can go back up and hide the not so perfect but "better done than perfect" patch job. And I'm still thinking about that library assignment I told you about but I think I've got on to the craft store to check out some supplies and I may just have a mock up to show you in a day or two, or three...
Is there anything that you're catching up on this week?


  1. I NEED to screw new holes in our dresser drawers for the new handles that I purchased 2 months ago.
    (I'm hoping by announcing that, I'll actually do it! :-))

  2. I am making quilting bee blocks like a mad woman...I am way behind.
    Then, next week I hope to assemble Bianca's quilt from the blocks made for me by the otehr bee members.

  3. How funny! We've patching walls too!


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