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Monday, May 23, 2011

In my daily travels taking kids around town, I stumbled upon a few things. Seriously, I think most of my life is spent in the car.

When I was dropping off Reese at school there was a moving sale right across the street. I thought, "Well since I'm here, why not??" so I hopped on over and found this (fitty-cent) butter dish.

I don't know who uses them anymore, which is probably why she was selling her grandmother's, but you-know-who wiiillll. (hand raised)

At another place I brought home some much needed cereal bowls for a $1.00.

A quick trip to the Salval produced some knitted throws. I usually don't buy bedding or blankets second hand because of bed bug issues. If I am contemplating anything like that or upholstery pieces, I do a thorough check. It helps being married to a hotel management guru who has taught you what to look for. So after checking, I couldn't resist the patterns and colors. I'm a sucker for both. And, after a good dry cleaning, they're perfect. The green one is wool. Total spent: $5.99

When I began using them all, I realized the common element was color, bright color. The backdrop of my house is fairly neutral so everything works. And, the added bonus is that no bank was broken. Happy day.

What colors appeal to you?

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  1. The colors are awesome!!!!
    You'll have to figure out a way to work the cereal bowls and butter dish into the knitted throw decor!

    Love it.
    I admire people with an eye to be able to find a good bargain. It just looks like garbage to me.


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